Interspecies Reviewers (TV) Fanservice Compilation

Two days after the series finished airing (March 30th), a TV Fanservice Compilation for Ishuzoku Reviewers was rendered. An English subs version was finished shortly after, as well as a Spanish subs version.

Ishuzoku Reviewers, despite its flaws, was a great ecchi series to start 2020 and wasn’t afraid to include lots of sex scenes with creative loopholes (e.g. Crim turning into a mayo bottle to prevent having to draw their penis). Later in the year we’d see another monster girl series with lots of nudity — Peter Grill. Ishuzoku Reviewers as a series seems to have given studios more confidence that they can experiment with more nudity and sexuality without falling under the R18 blanket. For far too long, there has been too much of an “all or nothing” gap between R18 series and what can air on AT-X or other channels.

For some great news, Right Stuf Anime licensed Ishuzoku Reviewers to have a North America release some time in 2021. They have a page on their site for updates on it.

[AlphaSigma] Interspecies Reviewers (TV) Fanservice Compilation

This is the first, and one of the very few exceptions, where I have multiple versions of the same compilation available in something other than just the raw. There are three main versions:

  • [TYPE1]: 1:07:33, 1080p, Raw
  • [TYPE2]: 1:07:12, 1080p, Raw, Incubus stabbing scene removed (not in this post)
  • [TYPE3]: 1:07:22, 1080p, English subtitles
  • [TYPE4]: 1:07:20, 1080p, Spanish subtitles

Original Render Dates:

  • Raw: 3/30/20
  • English Subs: 4/7/20
  • Spanish Subs: 4/15/20




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