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Mangaka Kouji Seo is no stranger to writing for nudity, though Princess Lucia represents his first foray into blatant ecchi.


Princess Lucia manga  (3 volumes, ongoing)



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One of the nice things about researching stuff for the blog or digging around for material is that it is often a journey of discovery.

For example, counter to common sense, many of the best nude ecchi series were based on non-nude source material, and many of the most R-rated manga received non-nude adaptations.  It’s also pretty cool when you find out that some of the better manga artists out there also dabble in hentai (Shoji Sato, Oh! Great, etc).

But better than any of those things is when I happen to discover a very talented, relatively under the radar mangaka who happens to love drawing nipples in his or her works.  One such discovery was Seo Kouji, the creator of series such as Suzuka, Cross Over, Kimi no Iru Machi, Half & Half, W’s, Princess Lucia, LovePlus Rinko Days and even some light hentai work (Love Letter series).

His most famous work is probably Suzuka, which received a two-cour anime adaptation back in 2010.  It ditched the nudity completely and suffered from poor production values, and pretty much failed to live up to it’s manga source in any way.

Another of his works, Kimi no Iru Machi, received a couple of OVA releases in 2012 and then followed up with a TV series during the Summer 2013 season.  The second OVA did contain nudity, in the form of a 45 second bathing scene, and there is a small chance the TV series could end up showing some uncensored nudity on BD as well.

If you are unfamiliar with Seo Kouji, I’d sum him up as one of those ultra rare mangaka who can actually excel at storytelling AND barrage us all with non-stop, totally unnecessary R-rated boobage.  In many cases he tends to mix sports with romantic comedy, and sexual tension seems to be his forte.  Almost all of his nude scenes involve bathing, changing, or bathrooms, with “the accidental walk in” being one of his favorite devices.

Or to put it another way, you feel like you are reading a “type A” manga most of the time, until he randomly hits you with titties.  And not just a little here and there, this guy struggles to go 20 panels without drawing nipples.  Though he draws pointless nudity at such high volume you’d think he was a converted hentai artist, his art style can actually be quite good when he’s trying and you never really feel like his work is a cheap excuse to show boobs.

Unless that is, you happen to be reading Princess Lucia.  This (new and ongoing) manga is Kouji’s first attempt at a blatant type-B harem romp, with a lot of elements borrowed heavily from series like High School DxD.

The art quality here is probably the lowest of any of his works, and the funny thing is that he isn’t even drawing higher nudity volume than he was before.  You wouldn’t be out of line for wondering why he bothered being so direct when his other anime were already so erotic to begin with.

Given that Kouji has already had two of his previous works receive anime adaptations, there is a decent chance we might see a Princess Lucia anime some day.