Project Poll 10/23

Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan  is next up in the queue, which means it’s time to figure out which project comes next.





For me, Amaenaideyo  was the best ecchi manga of the early 2000’s.  Unfortunately, its anime adaptation came about at a time when nudity in anime had almost completely disappeared.

Despite the limitations of an ecchi anime originating from the mid-oughts, the series made the non-nude moments very sexy and the post series OVAs were loaded with nudity.

Had this series come out a few years later, it would have been among the greats, but as is it will make for a pretty good FC video.


divergence eve

Divergence Eve


Not a ton of nudity in this one, but plenty of sexy moments in this sci-fi / ecchi hybrid.





The second half of this series was the first ever non-hentai anime by ARMS.  Kakyuusei is based on a pioneering visual novel.  The anime was ahead of its time too, it was among the first to change or extend scenes on DVD to add nudity.



Amazing Nurse Nanako


Not a ton of nudity here either, but this series is fun and somewhat iconic.



Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi


Purely in terms of sheer volume, no year boasted as many noteworthy nude ecchi anime as 2011.  Hoshizora  is the very last noteworthy 2011 ecchi anime to get a video.

Like many of the other options, this one is not very high on nude content, but makes up for it with quality art and appealing (if generic) character designs.


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