Rail Wars! misunderstands the concept of BD enhancement

Rail Wars! BD vol.2 (5)

Rather than adding nipples to many suggestive moments in volume two, Rail Wars! stood pat, and actually added  censorship in some cases.


Rail Wars! BD vol.2 (1) Rail Wars! BD vol.2 (2) Rail Wars! BD vol.2 (3) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is a bitter disappointment.  Of all the episodes in this series, episode four seemed the most primed for a big ecchi content break out, but chance of after chance was missed here, to the point where ecchi fans are left walking away completely empty handed.

Given that the ecchi level has actually decreased  on blu-ray so far, it makes you wonder if those weird nip-slips from episode 10 will survive on BD.  That would be a first, nudity on TV but not on blu-ray.  I’m not saying I think this will happen, but the whole one nipple one blank boob thing did kind of have an easter egg feel to it.  Almost like it was an inside joke by the creators.

At any rate, I think we can probably put this series in the same category as Wizard Barristers : seemingly okay with rare token nudity, but capable of so much more.  Which really is a shame, because there wasn’t a lot else from the Summer 2014 season for ecchi fans other than this.