Random recommendation: Walkure Romanze eroge


The Walkure Romanze anime from the past season is based on a very nice eroge of the same name by Ricotta, the same team that created Princess Lover!.  I’m not much for playing eroge (I’m sure they are a blast but I just don’t have the time), but I do enjoy looking up the game screenshots, which can at times be quite glorious.  Especially when licensed internationally and summarily becoming uncensored.

Ricotta is one of my favorites.  Their character design and art style just strikes a vibe with me personally, and they seem to hit the exact right spot on the sluttiness spectrum.  They leave nothing to the imagination, while stopping just short of the point where things start to get weird.

It’s a great deal of hard drive space, but if you want to check out the screens, you can find the galleries here and here at one of my favorite sites: E-hentai galleries.  Both have torrent options available for easy bulk download.