Walkure Romanze – Vol.04 BD fanservice compilation

Quite a lot of nude service in this volume.  Episode seven has Celia and Akane escaping to a windmill during a heavy rainstorm.  Naturally, they strip down to their birthday suits and wait for their clothes to dry.  And of course when the clothes end up miraculously exiting the building and traveling miles away through an unlikely series of events, we get to enjoy seeing these characters naked for almost half of an entire episode.

Random recommendation: Walkure Romanze eroge

The Walkure Romanze anime from the past season is based on a very nice eroge of the same name by Ricotta, the same team that created Princess Lover!.  I’m not much for playing eroge (I’m sure they are a blast but I just don’t have the time), but I do enjoy looking up the game screenshots, which can at times be quite glorious.  Especially when licensed internationally and summarily becoming uncensored.