Walkure Romanze fanservice compilation

By 8 bit standards this anime was somewhat scandalous.  Each of the first five volumes contained at least one nude scene.


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Series Information


Production Company:  8 bit

Vintage:  Fall 2013


Nipple sightings from other 8 bit produced anime:


Infinite Stratos , Infinite Stratos 2


Other notable / recently relevant (non-nude) mainstream anime from 8 bit:


Aquarion Evol , Tokyo Ravens


Notable Seiyuu:


Ai Shimizu as Mio Kisaki


Ai Shimizu is also known for her roles as:


Hitomi Nabatame as Akane Ryuzoji


Hitomi Nabatame is also known for her roles as:


Hiroko Taguchi as Lisa Eostre


Hiroko Taguchi is also known for her roles as:


Noriko Shitaya as Mireille Marres Ascot


Noriko Shitaya is also well known for her roles as:


Ryoka Yuzuki as Bertille Althusser


Ryoka Yuzuki is also well known for her roles as (!) :



Also featuring


Kaori Mizuhashi as Ayako Hiragi


Thoughts on the anime


Very well produced.

Love the music, the character design is well above average, and the art level is very high compared to most recent ecchi anime.  The casting is well done, each voice fits the corresponding character very well.  Would have been nice had the nipples had been drawn a bit less awkwardly, but I’ll take it.

The story is predictable and cliched, nothing we haven’t seen a million times before.  Not really an anime I’d recommend, but if you like pretty girls and pretty animation this is good anime for that.

This is of course based on the eroge by Ricotta , who had previously done Princess Lover .  Both made for gorgeous-sexy games and anime.

This seiyuu cast kind of sneaks up on you.  Ai Shimizu and Hitomi Nabatame, for all their established talent, are unrecognizable as Mio and Akane respectively.  It’s kind of amazing how many different voices these actresses can pull off.

Especially with regards to Ryoka Yuzuki.  She plays the lingerie loving, skirt hating antagonist Bertille Althusser here.  Previously, she had played Satsuki from Kill la Kill , Ino from Naruto , Charlotte Hazelrink (!) from Princess Lover , Cattleya (!!) from Queen’s Blade , Lisa from To Love-Ru , Eruru from Utawarerumono , and the super-sexy Oriana Thomson from Toaru Majutsu no Index .

All those characters and voices from the same person.  Amazing.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


As usual, 8 bit is highly reluctant to show nudity, meaning that most nude shots aren’t all that easy to see.  I ended up repeating almost every single nude clip with pauses or zooms because otherwise you’d have to stop the video every couple seconds.

Similar to FREEZING Vibration , every episode ended with a special sexy illustration.  Some of them were quite nice, so I added a 45 second montage that plays them all.

Overall this ended up being a surprisingly sexy video.  In terms of fanservice it’s not on the same tier as GoHands’ masterful effort with Princess Lover , but by 8 bit standards this was a nice step forward from the super stingy Infinite Stratos  franchise.



Favorite Character


Some good choices here.  I know most people would say Celia, and if we are talking about the eroge (or figurines), I would agree.  But for some reason I was drawn to Akane in the anime version.  She may be a dime a dozen tsundere type, but she seemed to always be in the funnest scenes (that plus her samurai armor was pretty rad).

Lisa was the cutest girl, bearing a strong resemblance to Rin from Darker than Black .  Unfortunately she got the Mikan treatment for fanservice.