Walkure Romanze shower scene uncensored in volume one

Here’s Mio’s nude shower scene that 8-bit teased us with last month.  If you watch closely and don’t blink at the wrong instant, you’ll see Noel’s nipples join the party during this scene as well.


I like 8-bit, and I am thankful for any nudity I can get in anime.  That said, whenever they do show nudity it is always by the slimmest of margins. Only 8-bit can make nipple sightings feel like a tease.

This is the same company that made both seasons of Infinite Stratos, and if you watched the first season BDs then you should have a pretty good idea of the kind of nudity level we should expect from Walkure Romanze.  And in case you were wondering, the scene above is the only instance of nudity in volume one.

Also worth noting- no fanservice specials.  Though that seemed somewhat doubtful anyway.