Muv-Luv manga fanservice compilation


One of the perks of popularity in this business is that you can expect plenty of spinoffs.  Since Muv-Luv is an eroge (albeit one with very strong storytelling), most of the spinoffs have included nudity.


MuvLuv Alternative Total Eclipse  (3 volumes, ongoing)



MuvLuv Unlimited (4 volumes, complete)



MuvLuv Alternative (9 volumes, ongoing)



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Muv-Luv began as a popular if not acclaimed sci-fi / shock-horror eroge which recently spawned an anime and manga adaptation.

The battle suits in this series are pretty damn pervy, with oppai emphasized even to the point of having nipple bumps on the suits.  In a moment of pure genius, they appear to draw the tops of the suits as see through for a portion of volume 03.  I have no idea what was going on there, but I thought it was such a cool idea.  It’s really a shame it didn’t stay that way the rest of the series.  I guess that would have been a little too out there for a non-hentai manga, but hey, fortune favors the bold.  Plus, not that I am overly familiar with the source material, but weren’t those tops see through in the eroge as well?

The manga gets off to a great start, until the obligatory nightmare fuel shock-horror moment finally happens and derails the entire series from a fanservice perspective.  Volumes 6, 7, 8, and 9 combined for only two nipple sightings, due to the dramatic change in both the story and the mood.

That said, the manga did its job, and gave us quite a bit more service than the anime did while maintaining the dark and serious tone of the source material.