High School DXD New BD vol. 4 fanservice compilation

This is the fourth volume of the instant classic ecchi anime High School DXD New, edited down for added emphasis on fanservice and nudity, available via torrent as well as direct download.

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DDL:  1080p, 720p

Checking in just shy of fifteen minutes, High School DxD New blu-ray volume four is the largest of these DxD New fanservice videos yet.  That’s a bit deceptive given the huge number of repeats I had in this video, though the reason I had so many was because of how many incredible shots there were in these two episodes that demanded extra attention.  Regardless, only a few fanservice series ever have packed this much of a fanservice punch in just two episodes.

At the rate this series is going, the final FC video is going to feel a lot like To Love-Ru Darkness in terms of total length and nudity volume.

It’s a lot of fun watching Akeno evolve into a prowler. Issei doesn’t at all seem like a guy worth fighting over, but the competition for his attention in these episodes is still great fun all the same.

There was a nice service boost for Xenobia and Asia in this volume as well.  Rias continues to dominate the fanservice in this series.  Seemingly every time a side character gets naked, Rias is there to butt in and get naked too.