Seiren Fanservice Review Episodes 11&12

Another beautiful ending…

Both our heroines have buckled down and are ready for the next step in their relationship. Getting passed the whole childhood friend stage was quite difficult for both of them. Kamita, was running around as the girl next door to, Kyouko. Meanwhile, Kyouko, was seen as a mere child in the eyes of, Kamita. These two quickly realized a bit of growing up was in order and change was put forth. In the eyes of, Kyouko, Kamita had grown into a bold and daring young man. Kamita on the other hand, now saw Kyouko as more than a friend and now as a woman. Finally, upon the roof top these two lovers cross their fate and the rest is history…

Fanservice from Seiren is about the same as what you’ve seen from the previous posts. A few notable scenes included our heroic duo going underwear shopping together. As we all know showing a boy one’s underwear will cheer them up. For those out there that have a rather interesting interest in, Deer’s, well we got more of that here again! Tsuneki, gives us a sexy deer cosplay and shows off a little butt while she’s at it.  And lastly, there’s Seiren’s trademark naughty text. It’s not an episode without characters mentioning some off-beat fetish of theirs. Well, it was all great fun and I hope some of you out there enjoyed the service from this series.


Episode 11 caps and stitches.


Episode 12 caps and stitches.


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Seiren, had quite some big shoes to fill for a lot of people. Fulfilling that goal may have been a bit much for this series but, some great outcomes were had. I know many people were not happy with, Tsuneki’s end and justifiably so. However, it’s not the worst thing in the world and I was okay with it since it gave the power to the viewer to say what’s next. However, the next 2 routes gave solid and clear endings. Marriage and childbirth confirmed for both female heroines. Sweet family endings are always nice so I can dig it. Overall, I’d personally give Seiren a 7/10. A few things could have used improvements but, for the most part they kept it together with solid endings.