Binbougami ga!(Good Luck Girl!) BD Fanservice Review Episodes 05-06

Ichiko becomes a child again and Tsuwabuki is in trouble in this bunch of eps.

Episode 05

Momiji is planning something.

Turtle god Urushiyama gives her something.

Sneaky Nadeshiko!


Ichiko encounters a package that appears to be for Momiji and wants to open it.

She is ready for whatever it is in the box!

It was an Aging Box that was supposed to turn her into an old lady but instead it turned her into a little kid!

Bully time!

Zodiac spirits are also chibis.

Who is flast chested now!

Kumageta determines that they are equal xD.

Ichiko manages to run away and encounters with Mika (Keita’s sister).

Momo enjoying getting a beat down never changes.

Ichiko tries to explain to Bobby and Momo what happened to her.

They don’t trust that she is the real Ichiko.

They trust her now xD.

She asks them to find a way to make her grown again and she will give them a reward.

Ichiko will stay in Tsuwabuki’s house for now.

Tsuwabuki’s imagination running wild xD.

Ichiko seems totally integrated in the family.

Bobby and Momo “searching” for the box to make Ichiko an adult again.

Turtle soap incoming.

Momijij found Ichiko!

Picnic Time.

Ichiko is so cute even as a child.

She got lost!

Momiji caught her xD.

Keita is searching for her.

Oh noes!

Again i only found her once T_T.


Episode 06

Keita’s family is worreid because he didn’t come back yet.

Ichiko managed to escape?

So it was because that, dat Kumagai xD

That wound doesn’t look good.

Ichiko decides to look for Keita.

With the help of Momo she finds him.

Momiji can only extract that little amount of energy with that little syringe xD

It should be enough to save Tsuwabuki anyway.

Thanks to the positive energy and Momiji , Keita’s injuries are healed now!

Family is reunited again.

They finally found the turtle god!

Momo tells Ichiko that they founded the turtle and they have the box to return her to her normal age.

Smug Ichiko.

Time to say goodbye.

Finally, Ichiko is back!

Or not, looks like she has remembered some bad childhood memories?

Looks like Ichiko is in a worse state than expected.

Even in that state she still has her innate luck xD

Bobby has a plan.

Or perhaps he just wanted to touch Ichikop’s boobs.

RIP Bobby again.

Momo is the next one to try.

Momo’s imagination of what is going to happen, Ichiko looks gorgeous!

No SM? T_T

RIP Momo.

Momiji doesnt know what to do so Yamabuki replaces her for now.

Finally some reaction while talking to Keita.

Momiji thinks Ichiko is in love with Keita, could it be that?

Ichiko was like that cause she thinking on how to return the handkerchief to Keita LOL.

She finally returns to her usual noisy self!

Love those cameos xD.

She’s back home, what a mess!

Momiji is happy to see Ichiko is back to her normal self.

RIP all xD





Service toned down in this 2 episodes as the series focuses more in the plot and mainly in Ichiko’s past and her relation with Keita, still we got some really nice boob bounce in that Momo dream and boob grope by Bobby.


Binbogami ga! was really a surprise, didn’t expect to find a lot of character development in a comedy series as well and some nice ecchi scenes along with a really nice artwork and comedy. Almost all the characters are likeable with the Main duo(Ichiko&Momiji) love/hate relationship as the main dish,if you like a comedy with some romantic,ecchi and feels moments dont hesitate to give Binbogami ga! a try.



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