Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni gets an AT-X airing with parental lock.

Spring may have just got even better.


Recently an AT-X airing was announced for the upcoming spring show Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni and today the AT-X information page was put up revealing the parental lock is present which has meant in most cases in the past that nudity will be present. A few days ago the following air date information was released revealing that AT-X will actually show two different versions of the show.


【TOKYO MX】4月2日より 毎週(日)25:00~
【AT-X】地上波版:4月3日より 毎週(月)25:55~/再放送:(水)(金)
AT-X R15版:4月4日より 毎週(火)25:55~/再放送:(木)(土)

【TOKYO MX】 From April 2 every week (Sunday) 25: 00 ~
【AT-X】 Terrestrial version: Every week from Monday, April 3rd 25: 55 ~ / Rebroadcast: (Wednesday) (Friday)
AT – X R15 version: From April 4 every week (Tuesday) 25: 55 ~ / Rebroadcast: (Thursday)


So AT-X will actually be airing both the censored broadcast and R15 rated one a day apart from each other. In other words if you plan on watching this show the uncensored AT-X airing will be two days after the censored TokyoMX airing with another censored airing appearing on AT-X in between. Calling the AT-X version an R15 version is an odd choice of words(note it is not called this by AT-X but by the twitter account for the show while AT-X is treating it no different from their other parental lock shows) but hopefully it is just a case of them trying to be different with their wording and not indicative of this parental lock being less valuable than previous ones.

It’s worth noting that on the AT-X information page at the bottom left where the two different versions are listed(“terrestrial (地上波)” and “lifting a ban”(解禁) version) the date and number #2 are above them. This probably means that episode 1 will not have anything that requires the parental lock and it won’t be till episode 2 in which the need for two different versions occurs.

For those unfamiliar with the manga or even the staff involved with this show here is why this parental lock version on AT-X is great news. The show is being done by studio Seven whom most people would know for Okusama but others may know them for the large amount of hentai work they release. Their most recently released title being Shikkoku no Shaga last month and Ero Zemi this month. Meanwhile the director is Araki Hideki who has directed a significant amount of hentai in the past such as Stringendo and Accelerando. Look here if you want to see the long list of titles he has done which if you watch hentai have probably seen a number of.

Then there is the voice actor for the main girl in the show who is being played by Hara Maika who has voiced in some hentai titles(the only thing she has voiced so far). The most recent character she voiced was….

Utea Grace in Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea


So in other words this show is being directed by someone with plenty of hentai on their resume, animated by a studio with plenty of hentai on their resume, the main leading female being voiced by someone who has only did hentai titles on their resume, and to top it off the show is being aired on AT-X at 1:55 am with a parental lock in place which means the content is significant on the sexual side of thing in this case. But what about the manga you ask? Here are some pages from the manga so you can get an idea of what we may be able to expect from the show.



So with a manga like that and the staff involved along with the fact that it is airing on AT-X with a parental lock you can see why this is a show to keep an eye on. Keep in mind even though it has a parental lock it will probably still face some censorship similar to Yosuga no Sora. Back when YnS aired on AT-X we still received uncensored nudity but the sex scenes were just static images while the BDs added movement. With that said I would not be surprised if a similar thing is done here with any of the sex being static and requiring you to buy the BD to see it in motion. It is also probably worth pointing out that YnS was referred to as R15 when it was shown at some events and such in the past. The reason I bring that up is that it gives an idea on what may have been meant when the official twitter account referred to the AT-X airing of this as R15 version.

In case you have not seen the PV for the show yet as well here it is.


Spring already has 7sins airing with a parental lock and now we can add this show having a version with a parental lock as well. The downside is that this show is a short at only 5 minutes. However with two shows airing on AT-X with a parental lock it certainly makes this spring season have potential to be great and certainly better than what we have had for a while now. Hopefully this show doesn’t end up disappointing since the source material, the staff, and the tv station have the potential of putting out something great when it comes to service.

Most likely I will be the one covering this show. Considering the hentai elements here it makes sense if I do it since I always do monthly hentai release posts. I have always wanted there to be an anime equivalent of late night softcore porn and hopefully this show gives it and opens up the potential for more like it.