Senran Kagura Shinovi Master fanservice review episode 9


Don’t hurt monster girls.


This episode was primarily spent on battles but most of these fights occur in everyone’s underwear giving plenty of underwear service. There is still some nudity thrown in as well which though not a lot is still more then we have gotten recently. Fortunately next episode looks like it could be heavy on the service based on where it will be taking place.

Monster Girl Quest comes to Senran. Why run though? Who runs from the free reverse rape? Monster girls just want to be loved and love you in their own way. Which is certainly not foreshadowing to a plot point in this episode. Also let’s see how many times I can say something about mgq in this.

After seeing the city under attack by the youma that Fubuki summoned everyone arrives to fight them off as people in the city start evacuating.

Don’t do this to me. I want a full on monster girl quest anime and this just makes the fact that we won’t get it even worse. Seriously if she was a character in monster girl quest and you lost she would be using that snake arm on luka’s dick. There is no way anyone that played the game could avoid thinking that when seeing this.

This is probably going to be an easy episode to describe as there isn’t much else to put other than everyone fights all the youma.


Kagura and her group are watching the fights from a distance and she decides to activate a barrier to help everyone. The barrier she unleashed causes frantic mode to activate for everyone inside it. In case you haven’t played the games frantic mode is a status you can switch to that increases your character’s attack and speed at the cost of lowering your defense. This also results in the character stripping their clothes off down to their underwear hence why this happens here from the barrier.

Surrounded by that many monster girls the only action should be to remove your pants and get your dick out and accept the incoming rape from them.

How can someone hurt that? This is why the Surrender button exists in MGQ. A real gentlemen let’s a monster girl have her way with them.

Everyone continues to fight the youma. Like I said not really much to write here.


While Fubuki and Rasetsu are watching Fubuki decides she is going to head down there as well only to be stopped when Senkou and Gekkou show up to stop her. She tells Rasetsu to let her handle it she gets ready to fight both of them herself.

I have ranted about this before but I have to point it out because it keeps happening and I  can’t stand this bullshit with the animation. It happens multiple times throughout this episode and others but this motion blur/ghosting/double vision shit is trash and seriously negatively impacts the show. There are numerous scenes like this in which there is no clear shot of any of the frames making getting a good screenshot of it impossible such as the brief part in this when she is topless not to mention making things like stitches impossible as well. I refuse to accept this as an artstyle choice because who the fuck thinks “seeing things like a blind person” is a legitimate artstyle. I am certain this is to make things as cheaply as possible by having a few frames just flash over each other really quickly to make these scenes consist of as little frames as possible.


Both Senkou and Gekkou begin to lose their fight against Fubuki.

If you just gave them head pats they might stop fighting and come home with you. Why turn down a monster girl for a pet?  Just throw a bunch of pokeballs now that they have been weakened and you can end this now.

After beating all the youma they watch as all of them turn into mist and start to fuse together turning into a giant form they have to fight.

Ryona suggests using her bondage rope she carries with her to tie it up since the rope should be strong enough to work on it.

As everyone else distracts it Ryona ties it up with the rope stopping it from moving while Homura, Yumi, amd Miyabi attack it at the same beating it.

Just as everyone is about to finish it off and kill it, Asuka jumps in and stops them from doing it telling them to let her handle it. Obviously having been the only one among them that played monster girl quest Asuka wants to follow in Luka’s footsteps and only seal monster girls instead of killing them. Since she doesn’t have the Angel Halo sword she has to use that skill that Kagura taught her to do it. The others step back and allow her to do what she wants as she succeeds in sealing the giant youma and thus all the youma they fought away instead of killing them.

Asuka tells the others about how she used that skill to seal it away instead of kill it as they wonder why she would do that as she starts to pass out from the damage that skill causes to her. Meanwhile Senkou and Gekkou are beat by Fubuki as she leaves them there after escaping.

 The motion blur ruins making this a good stitch.

Kagura arrives to tell her she did a good job as she removes the barrier. Meanwhile Homura wonders what Asuka is hiding from them because of her sealing it instead of killing it and her sudden injury.

Homura and the others go back to working after everything has returned back to normal in the city. Eventually Miyabi and the others show up and Ryona helps them get more attention handing out flyers but cutting their christmas clothes resulting in more crowds. During this Homura sneaks away to talk with Miyabi who tells her that Rin has left to go to the kikai dome on her own to investigate. If I had to guess this probably means she is going to be captured and I would assume be tied up naked. If that is the case we will probably see that maybe when they all have to inevitably go to save her and the others sent there to investigate. Miyabi also tells Homura how she is worried about Asuka because of her choosing to seal the youma instead of kill them and wonders if she might have betrayed them.

Asuka runs into Yumi later who takes her to a cafe so they can talk. Yumi asks Asuka about what she has learned that she has been keeping a secret from all of them that she said she would talk about later. Asuka thinks back to when she was beaten in episode 1 and how Fubuki found her as she was laying there and told her the truth about the bad things shinobi have done so she can live with that knowledge instead of killing her. Thus explaining why Asuka has acted the way she has since the beginning of the show. Asuka decides not to tell Yumi about it until Yumi threatens to end their friendship. Not wanting her facebook friend count to go down she agrees to tell her the truth.

Before she is able to tell her, Fubuki appears and says she will tell her instead. She questions Yumi on why she considers the youma evil just because she is told they are evil by leaders and told to hunt them down like monsters. She then asks her if she would still feel the same way if youma could feel love like a normal person and what she would think of those that tell her they are evil then. After Yumi agrees that would be wrong Fubuki tells her the truth about what she is.

Fubuki activates her true power and Yumi is able to see she has the same aura as a youma. Fubuki tells her it is because she is the result of a human and youma falling in love as proof that youma are the same like normal people despite what their leaders say. Presumably next episode we will get a story about her past and possibly parents since she doesn’t say who the human in the relationship was. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out Yumi’s grandfather is her father and had her with a youma or maybe his other son did since we saw that he had two in that flashback.

Meanwhile Kagura senses that another door to the other world is starting to open and needs to be stopped before it fully opens. After searching for it she is able to discover that it is located at the hotsprings town and the episode ends.



WebM Album.



This episode sort of had service throughout it for almost the entire episode though it was obviously non nude service with a few nude shots here and there. It may be odd that they would pass up having everyone lose their clothes during the battles but I assume they still want to keep it from getting too overused so they have something to use later. The minimal actual nudity of the main characters in the episode didn’t bother me though since the non nude stuff was still fine and after seeing that preview for the next episode I’m assuming they are trying to build up the nudity for that since it seems to be the last rest period for the characters before the final battle.

What did disappoint me though about this episode was the lack of nudity of all the female youma. That seems like a big missed opportunity to fill this episode with a large amount of new nudity. Not just the youma either but some of the background females have been fairly nice looking so having them say lose their clothes or get them destroyed by the youma before everyone gets there would had been something as well. The main characters getting naked is nice and all but we have already seen that and so nudity of someone or something we have not yet seen is going to have a bigger impact then more of the same. Had this episode been filled with clothing destruction on all the youma as they fought that would had really made this episode memorable and stand out and also striking gold with the monster girl crowd. Kind of makes me worried about if we will get nudity of Rasetsu now since they avoided it for all the random female youma here. Hopefully this isn’t the last of them fighting youma and we see more near the end and they save a huge nudity fest for them during it.

There wasn’t much story this time till near the end since most of the episode was spent fighting but I would assume next episode will delve into the plot point revealed at the end of this episode further. I’m kind of expecting another flashback for the next episode that might explain Fubuki’s past unless they decide to wait till right before the final battle to talk about it instead so everyone can be present to hear it. What we do know is that since everyone is going to the hotspring town next we can assume this will give us bath scenes of possibly everyone again and since the Hanzo girls have been gone till now they will get to join in this time. I’m going to guess Kagura’s group will be there as well so we might get a bath scene with all of them also which we have yet to get as well. So hopefully next episode based on it’s location next week ends up being another nude filled episode like some of the previous ones.

I really wish Senran was a borderline h series because of this episode. I doubt anyone would end up having the balls to do it though in an anime but I really wish the female youma had all started raping all the males before everyone got to the town. Then again the sheer amount of webms I would have to make in that situation would had drove me nuts. Plus would probably had been hard to work on the post if I kept wanting to fap every time I started to work on it from all the monster girl reverse rape.