Girls Bravo Episode 5 DVD fanservice review

Bravo on a Rainy Day! -Part 1-

Meet Koyomi! The latest girl to be added to the Harem, with the initial objective to retrieve Miharu. We don’t get treated to our usual bath scene, because this bath scene is clothed, with Koyomi travelling through the portal between Seiren and Earth.

With it Raining Outside, Kirie and Miharu get soaked, then head off to the bath! However they find an unconscious Koyomi and scream. Yukinari is treated to both of them nude!

It is later found out that Koyomi has a fear of men, and also has amnesia. Good thing there is no character around to take advantage of that. . . enter Fukuyama.

Koyomi gets absolutely terrified of Fukuyama and makes a run for it. Straight through the rain as well. Of course she runs into Banana man!

Koyomi at the end of the chase, and Yukinari’s confrontation with Fukuyama, realizes her dilemma. She has to take Miharu back to Seiren. However she is reluctant in doing so since Miharu has taken such good care of her. Well have to wait for next episode to see how this pans out.


Stitches: Credit to ScissorMeTimbers!

(I never thought I would have to spell the word ‘Scissor’ in my reviews all the time D:)

The Seiren Bureau, in charge of all things connected to earth. Pretty much the equivalent of a Japanese government building.



See you next episode!