Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 8:

You need some magic to maintain a perfect attendance record!! XD

Howdy everyone!! (^^)/ Welcome to another episode Amagi Brilliant Park fanservice review!! The episode begins with Seiya down with a cold. It’s not serious, as he could get well in a couple of days. The park can still manage without him, but he can’t afford to skip school due to his earlier abscence. XD

Sometime later, Isuzu went to visit Seiya. It turns out that it was actually Tiramie in disguise.

Remember the ending from last episode where “Isuzu” was behaving weirdly in front of Macaron? It was actually a magical body suit wore by the diggeries before. XD Hence, this ends up being used as a solution so that Seiya won’t be missing school.

Isuzu, Macaron, Tiramie and Moffle take turns to wear the magical suit of his body and attend school in his stead. On the first day, Isuzu finds a love letter in Kanie’s shoe locker but the sender, Tsuchida Kanae, had only mixed up his locker with someone else. As Isuzu tells her some inspiring words, Kanae ends up developing feelings for Kanie instead.

However, the mascots behaviour makes him ending up in unpleasant situation. On the last day, Seiya sort out things peacefully by  wearing a suit of a boy to whom Kanae had tried to send the letter originally, Kimura, and lying that all the disgusting acts from ‘Kanie’ the days before were meant to drive Kanae back to Kimura by making her hating Seiya.

The episode ends with Seiya enjoying a slice of cake with princess Latifah and is later joined by Isuzu. In overall, there is not much of fanservice for this episode but the story is progressing well with alot of fun and comedy. Stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review where it will be focusing on the Elementario Fairies. Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v