Conception fanservice review episode 9 and 10


Getting close to the end finally.


After episode 8 actually showed promise they remembered that they had to return to making this one of the worst anime adaptions of a videogame ever. Even waiting to put 2 episodes together doesn’t even really provide any service to use. I had a hard time doing that cover image as well as a result. Episode 9 did end up having a lot of service…….of men though. I’m not going to include that so you won’t have to see endless images of shirtless men so instead this episode is going to be finished in like 5 minutes.


Episode 9

Itsuki is looking around town trying to find who is supposed to be the 13th maiden and sees all the badly drawn ugly npc women. After seeing that pool of monstrosities he decides going gay doesn’t seem like a bad idea so he goes to a pizza parlor in search of buttsex.

You know you got a huge budget when you just copy and paste an animation onto different backgrounds.

During this time he runs into that gay guy from before multiple times while also seeing a bunch of pretty boys and muscle men around. Eventually he goes to the all male bathhouse and gets more naked men and man ass before eventually leaving. I think I am now halfway done with the episode that quick due to me skipping all those images. Just picture a bunch of men both clothed and naked here and you got what is supposed to be here.

After escaping the bathhouse he decides he will just go to the other girls and make children with them a second time. Jar jar binks tells him he can’t and if going with a man isn’t possible for him then he needs another fetish instead and suggests various ones including becoming a brony and fucking horses.

Eventually Itsuki runs into the gay guy who’s name I will never remember and goes with him to his place for anal. Afterwards he panics and runs out only to go visit the book guy instead who shows him his guide book to gay sex as Itsuki runs from him as well.

After talking with jar jar binks for a while trying to think on what to do he is told her backstory. Long ago a magician brought jar jar binks out of the dungeon in hopes of showing not all impurities are bad and giving it a conscious. The magician died later however and the town tried to kill jar jar binks until the current visitor at the time protected them. The current visitor was the king thus the current king is not from this world and was one of the previous people brought here to fight the impurities. After hearing this it gives Itsuki confidence in being gay and so he runs off to get both of the other guys so he can try making a child with them.

After agreeing to have a gay threesome the place suddenly opens up as jar jar binks tells him it was all a trap and you can’t make children with men. Itsuki is told the whole 13th maiden being a man thing was a lie mad up to make Itsuki stronger by becoming more accepting. And the episode ends.



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Still one more episode of this shitshow to continue on with. The next one isn’t focused on men but still ends up having little if any service.


Episode 10


Itsuki is still trying to figure out who the 13th maiden is now that he knows it isn’t a man. He eventually goes to visit Alfie and his kids to prepare for the next day when they will complete the final 12th dungeon.

After beating the 12th dungeon the shaking starts again and the whole final dungeon stuff happens with lights shooting everywhere. The king tells itsuki that the final boss has awakened and he needs to go after him now once they figure out how to open the door to the dungeon. In the meantime he is told to find the 13th maiden to prepare. Meanwhile Mirei checks on Alfie telling her about how the final dungeon has appeared and how she knows she is the 13th maiden.

Alfie tries various means to get Itsuki to notice her and realize she is the 13th maiden with all of them failing.

Itsuki stands outside asking around if anyone is the 13th maiden and doesn’t hear Alfie yelling to him over the crowd that she is the 13th. Eventually they leave to look elsewhere. While Alfie is trying to figure out what to do jar jar binks appears and yells at her for taking so long to get noticed by him and saying that she found her because some people in the crowd told them that a girl matching her description was yelling about being the 13th. When she tries to take Alfie to Itsuki she hands over a videotape instead and says how she wants to be romanced like that by Itsuki first.

Itsuki watches the tape after jar har binks tells him Alfie is the 13th and how it is shown even in the OP. After watching it he sees it is 80’s era romance stuff that he has to reenact. After taking Alfie on a date he eventually goes back to her place with her.

Seeing her room he asks why she has such an interest in 80’s idols and such from his world and she reveals it is because of her parents having all that stuff. In other words it’s implying that her parents were brought to this world back in the 80’s and decided to stay here to live hence why they only have stuff from the 80’s there and so she is the result of two people from our world deciding to stay there.

She asks Itsuki about his parents and how wouldn’t they be worried that he just disappeared from the world. Itsuki tells her his parents died in an accident and so he is by himself so he doesn’t need to worry about that.

After looking around her room he discovers that she has the strategy guide for the game which is why she is able to train the children as well as she can (only reason to have strategy guides these days is to have something to read when taking a dump since everyone just uses gamefaqs now).  Itsuki tells her he is happy that she cares about him that much that she puts that much effort into training the kids and gives her a present which is his dick or at least that would had made this show more tolerable but instead it’s just a dress.

After asking her to have his child she agrees but then shits herself. Literally shits all over his dick and gets it into his mouth, in his ears, in his eyes, and in his nose. Shit was everywhere. People going to think I’m making this up but no she seriously shits herself as a result of eating that paper earlier. What they don’t realize is that shitting herself is the act of giving birth to this show because if this show was a baby it would just be one giant shit baby that comes out. The doctors would outright slap the mother after seeing it and think it was a youtube prank and that she shoved a giant mound of shit in her vagina. I should had just made this whole post consist of shit jokes.

After giving her medicine they are able to go and complete the ritual. In which Alfie takes her underwear off and shits straight into Itsuki’s mouth. Like a self serve chocolate ice cream machine she just unloads smooth silky poo into his mouth before exploding and massive fucking diarrhea goes all over his face. Really though this entire scene much like pretty much all of them is a complete waste since there is no service in it at all. Alfie is probably the favorite character of a lot of the small number of people still watching this and yet we don’t even get anything from her. Her normal clothing shows more skin. And after this short part of no service the episode ends.



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Had to wait for two episodes to do a post and even then there wasn’t enough in this but couldn’t wait any longer since I will probably need the last two episodes together to do the last post. Though I will say doing these gets easier each week as I start giving less of a shit about this and don’t go into as much details as I usually do for other shows. First episode was a complete waste and the second was just to promote the remaster which has Alfie added into it and possibly a route added for her I guess.

Only two more episodes of this left and chances are they won’t have enough service either so expect the last post to probably be in 2 weeks assuming the next episode doesn’t have anything significant in it. Since they rarely show any of the battles in this I have no idea what they could do for the final episode. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends with “Buy the game for more details” instead of actually showing the ending. Considering this is a game with multiple endings the anime will probably end with something original. Regardless the end is close so only have to suffer through this a little more.

I should had just did this post with a focus on service and only service alone just so this whole thing could had consisted of like 10 images. Would had been insanely quick to do and would be all the effort this shit deserves. Would also be funny for someone to see one of my posts consist of so little content.