Shinchou Yuusha TV Fanservice Review: Episode 12 (FINAL)

Will this be the last time for us to see more Goddess fanservice? XD

Hello everyone (^^)/ Let’s finishing the fanservice review for Cautious Hero anime!! In this episode, Ristarte, Mash, and Elulu arrive in the heart of the Demon Lord’s castle to see Seiya clashing the Demon Lord himself. Before they can help, however, Seiya unleashes the Gate of Valhalla, the suicidal technique he learned from Valkyrie.

Rista is able to save Seiya once from the effects of  Gate of Valhalla, but the Demon Lord again bursts through the doors threatening to destroy the entire world with him. However, Seiya stands up and calls forth a second Gate of Valhalla that swallows the first one, finally defeating the Demon Lord once and for all. Since the second gate was much stronger, Seiya’s life force fades much quicker than Ristarte is able to heal, so he says his goodbyes to his companions before disappearing with a smile.

Sometime later, Mash and Elulu are knighted by Rosalie and Ristarte returns to the Divine Realm. Ristarte is subsequently summoned by Ishtar to be punished for defying the Divine Realm’s laws with Ariadoa accompanying her.

Ristarte is informed that she will be sent to save an even stronger world where its Demon Lord has already taken over, but without any of her divine healing powers, and if she fails, she will be stripped of her divinity. Before Ristarte can accept, Ishtar reveals that the effects of the Chain Destruction were lifted when the second Gate of Valhalla was used, meaning all subsequent deaths can be undone. Ristarte receives the note of her hero’s information, and cries tears of joy when she sees Seiya’s name and extremely cautious personality written on it.

Ratings (On a scale of 10 to 0)

Opening/Ending: 10 The opening theme “Tit For Tat” by Myth & Roid is sure catchy enough to get everyone to like them. The ending theme “Be Perfect Plz” by Riko Azuna is also good but distracting  at times because people is more eager to know about the happening of the story. Nevetheless, both of the opening theme and ending theme is just as good but the story development was even better. XD

Character Development: 10 This is not your generic isekai anime!! In most of the time, the isekai anime we get had an overpowered MC and also his harem. Konosuba was a special isekai theme anime with a lots of comedy. Shinchou Yuusha is also pretty much the same with it but it a reveal of a dark past is included in the story that explains why the MC is overly cautious all the time. In the end, the hero is “Overpowered” but also “Overly Cautious” with a reason to it and it was explained nicely.

Comedy/Drama: 10 Great comedy from the characters especially Rista with hilarious meme reaction faces. XD

Illustration: 9 Despite the art and animation doesn’t look much appealing, it wasn’t that bad either. I guess comedic anime always has their own unique way of art style. I give additional credits to the work in drawing Rista’s reaction face. It adds a lot of punchline to the comedy too.

Fanservice: 9 There are nipple sightings but only for comedic purposes. Anyway, the Goddess fanservice was still good with nudes, mosaics and holy light beams. XD

Overall: 9.6 This Overly Cautious Hero deserves a Season 2!! Strongly recommended to watch if you had the time!! (^^)b

Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone and hope you all are enjoying this anime too!! Till then, please stay tune to more upcoming fanservice review!! (^^)v