Shinchou Yuusha TV Fanservice Review: Episode 9

Be extremely cautious!! NTR can also happen in the divine realm!! XD

Hello everyone!! The fanservice review for the Cautious Hero continues!! The episode begins with a dwarf summoner named Kilkapul, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Lord, invoke the greatest of summoning magic by sacrificing himself to summon a reaper Krosde Thanatus to fight Seiya. When Seiya and his party retreated to the Divine Realm,  they are shocked to discover that the reaper has followed them.

As they were all running away from the reaper, Seiya reveals that he has a plan in which he lures the reaper to where Valkyrie is painting. Valkyrie was angered when the reaper destroyed her piece. While she fights the reaper, she unleashed her ultimate skill, Gates of Valhalla, successfully getting rid of it.

However, there are side effects upon using that skill since it uses  caster’s life force as a catalyst.

Despite the warning, Seiya is adamant enough to ask Valkyrie to train him. Meanwhile, Mash and Elulu heads to Ariadoa’s house for more training and Ristarte was asked to take a bath to get rid of her body odor. XD

This current Ristarte just reminds me of someone from Dumbell Nan Kilo Moeteru. XD Ristarte was pleased with the training results of Mash and Elulu under Ariadoa. After that, she went to visit Seiya only to find that some NTR took place. It was later explained that it was only some training.

Once Seiya was perfectly ready again, they all traveled back to Gaeabrande, where they see Wohlks Roseguard easily defeat Eraser Kaiser and his army. When Ristarte wonders why Wohlks does not fight the Demon Lord, he turns into a child.

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode of Cautious Hero anime. (^^)/ We hoped you all are still enjoying this anime and please stay tuned for the following episodes of fanservice review. Till then, have a great day!! (^^)v