Onegai Teacher TV Episode 6-12 + OVA Fanservice Review

Finishing Strong

The second half of Onegai Teacher cranks the drama up to an eleven. Lots of tears, confessions, spells of depression, manufactured drama that gets resolved in a predictable manner. The highlight of this review will be the OVA episode at the very end, though it can be worth checking out the perpetually sexy Mizuho and the introduction of her MILF before then.

Episode 6

Episode 7

Mizuho also has a loli sister who joins the fray. Both are total embarrassments to sensei.

Koishi still hasn’t given up on Kei even though he’s rejected dozens of her advances. He doesn’t deserve her affection but as per the rules of romance MC’s all semi-attractive members of the opposite sex must desire his dick.

Mizuho just so happens to come across the two together and it leads to sensei running away crying which then leads to Kei being sad and that leads to him falling into a standstill and then that is resolved by the miraculous power of love.  Romance anime in a nutshell.

Episode 8

why Kei is cowering away from his hot alien wife crawling on her knees in a nightgown is anyones guess. another reminder that Kei doesn’t deserve sensei.

nor does he deserve the affection of Koishi, who is about to get her heart sliced in two.

This is Koishi’s teacher. It is strongly implied they hook up later. Seriously.

After finally rejecting Koishi, Kei is now ready to man up and commit himself fully to sensei and they fuck for the first time in celebration.

Episode 9

Things should be great between Kei and Sensei now that their belligerent sexual tension has dissipated. But then Kei suffers another relapse because he finds out one of his classmates has the standstill disease too and willingly sabotages his relationship with sensei just so that a girl he’s barely familiar with can be “happy”.

Kei moves out of sensei’s home to live by himself and effectively dumps her. No one is happy. Sensei poses as if she’s staring in an anime ED.

Episode 10

Kei gets the bright idea to date Koishi as a way of returning her feelings because it’s “the nice thing to do”

Episode 11

Eventually all is forgiven because sensei is a saint….but then Kei suffers another standstill and sensei is left trying to save his ass again. Which she does. Through the power of forbidden alien technology and love.

sensei violates some alien law by using their technology to save her human husbando and is banned from the planet earth as a result. This causes everyone to forget sensei ever existed. Except for Kei. She sneaks back to the planet with the help of family and continues their relationship.

Episode 12

Episode 13 (OVA)

This is where it’s at. Kudos if you’ve lasted this long and give zero shits about romantic drama.

Sensei’s milf makes moves on Kei. Sensei aint happy about that and tries to interrupt.  Winds up getting what she wants in the end.


The space milf is about to fuck her son in law’s brains out in a love hotel. but Kei of course is petrified of this possibility.

imagine trying to escape this.

no one knows what that toy shaped as a gun is or does and thankfully we don’t find out as Mizuho sensei interrupts them by teleporting into the hotel room, changing places with her mom.

obviously not the full picture. but as far as sex scenes go for non-explicit romance anime this is one of the better ones out there. I give Kei a lot of shit for being a trash miltoast character, but he does bang sensei twice in 13 episodes.

Milf-chan recorded her daughter and son in law fucking on a USB drive. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she’ll use it for.

The ending is a happy one.

This was my first watch of Onegai Teacher. Can’t say I was disappointed by the story as I didn’t expect much from it to begin with. I was more so surprised by how much I liked Mizuho sensei’s design – so sexy that she single handedly made the show enjoyable in spite of the stupidity surrounding her. It is always refreshing to see an adult bodied woman as the featured romantic interest in a genre that is now oversaturated with immature kids running rampant in the absence of adults.

A more efficient way of reviewing Onegai sensei would have been to only cover episodes five and thirteen (OVA). Those are where most of the fanservice takes place. But doing so would leave food on the table so to speak in a show where basically any shot of Mizuho qualifies for fanservice, so at least a little media could be produced from every episode for the most part.

There is also an artbook for this anime available. I may make that into a seperate post sometime soon. I’ve been told that Please Twins has solid fanservice so I’ll look into that as well, but if Mizuho isn’t there I’m skepitcal of how good it can really be.

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