Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 10


Magic is everything.


This week the entire episode is used for both Demia chapters. We also get to see at the end that they will be going into volume 3 for the remaining episodes.


On their way to the magic city, Kanchal makes a deal with the courier service the centaur girls have so that their reviews can be sent to other guilds around the world.

They see everyone in town has the same girl with them as they are then explained that they get to have a clone doll of Demia for three days to do whatever they want with after they pay.


It’s a shame they didn’t do this scene better. This scene could had been really good but it zooms by insanely fast making it almost unusable as fap material. The characters in the background not moving is some low budget hentai tier stuff but that can be somewhat ignored due to the fact that even if they were moving it would be so small you couldn’t see much even if you zoomed in. The major annoyance though is that the scenes with movement in which they are shown close up are just transparent and over layed on the entire scene. So you don’t get a good view of those parts as it goes by too fast and is transparent with the background bleeding into it which is such a waste of what could be good material. Would it had killed them to simply show each of those parts separately as their own scene for a few seconds with a fixed camera on it.

When the scene played instead of doing this panning thing it should had just showed the scene of the blowjob against the wall for a few seconds with a fixed camera then switched to the guy fucking her from behind scene for a few seconds likewise with a fixed camera then the other blowjob scene for a few seconds and so on until each scene was shown separately in it’s own separate frame. Would had not only made creating webms of those parts easier but would had made it easier for people to fap to. But instead of taking their time they just rush through it as fast as they can resulting in this. Fap material should always take precedence on runtime and not shortened. I tried making webms of the main parts of this seperatly but since the scenes are panning and panning fast at that it’s probably not ideal fap material for someone. With that said I suggest slowing it down by using the setting on the webm that gfycat has to make it half the speed making it easier to watch.

After each one gets a clone they are told the rules and that is they are allowed to do anything they want without issue. She is also made to disappear on her own when the 3days are up so she doesn’t need to be returned anywhere. The only requirement is that public sex is no longer allowed after the mayor passed a rule against it.


Crim gets washed by his doll.

Stunk debates on if she is worth a nine or ten before falling asleep and waking up to her making him food which convinces him that she is a perfect 10.

A magic using girl with glasses only reminds me it has been three years now and fire emblem heroes has still yet to put Miriel in the game.


Zel realizes that he can have his doll give him magic lessons and since Demia is the highest mage in the world this means he can get extremely expensive lessons that would cost over a hundred thousand gold for only 5000 thanks to this service instead.

 Kanchal proves that halflings should be turned into quarterlings by being chopped in half to purge their kind of the world.

Crim tells Demia about his halo and how it broke and where he last was when it did break and how he can’t return to heaven without it. Demia then sucks his dick and transfers it back to the real Demia.

Demia meets with the girl running the gender swap brothel and tells her about the semen she collected from Crim. She uses it to test on elemental samples and sees that angels are strong against everything but dark and physical attacks. She points out how all elemental resistant equipment doesn’t exist in the world and using his semen may be the key to finding out how to make it (if people didn’t spend all day at brothels and instead killed the monster girls and used their innards for crafting then maybe they would have such equipment by now). Demia also mentions the piece of Crim’s halo and how she would like to find it and how useful it would be to her.

Three days pass and everyone’s Demia clone disappears. They then hand their reviews to the centaur girls to deliver to all the guilds around the world.

Only movement your getting from this if you want to call it that.


Normally I wouldn’t make webms of nothing more than static images for this scene and the following ones but I figured this is such an important event it should be documented. I can only imagine the staff over at studio9MAiami whom Queen Bee uses for hentai must have seen this episode and it brought tears to their eyes. At last after all these years they have been an inspiration to anime studios. For years everyone would shit on Queen Bee hentai releases for having little animation to it but now finally after all this time they are finally being recognized as the pioneers they are. For you see Passione here was so touched by the business practices of studio9MAiami that they decided to replicate it and everyone knows copying work is the best form of flattery. But they actually improved on this concept because see even though Queen Bee releases have shit animation they still had animation to some degree during parts of it.

So Passione being the pioneers they are as well decided to take that concept and break new ground and introduced the idea of no animation at all. For years we would see the sex scenes the very meat of hentai as it were in Queen Bee released hentai consist of very little movement but Passione expanded that into such a novel idea. For they took the most important part of this show the meat of it which are the reviews and gave most of it no animation and just static images. This groundbreaking technique will be used by other anime studios for years to come. Think about it. If you read my hentai schedule posts we saw for all these years constantly Queen Bee hentai releases would rank pretty high in sale charts each month. This proved that you don’t have to actually put effort into anything and people will still buy it which is how they continue to exist despite all the haters.

Now anime studios have taken notice of this brilliant business tactic by studio9MAiami and made it their own and developed it even further. Just think of all the money anime studios will now be saving by not animating the actual main parts people care about. It’s brilliant I’m sure studios called up Queen Bee and thanked them for making this all possible. Meanwhile studio9MAiami the masterminds behind this concept are finally celebrating as things will be different now. After years and years of being hated for their animation they will finally be loved by all after this. After all this show not only was inspired by their idea of not putting effort into animation during parts of it but also took that concept further and despite this has been constantly praised all over the internet. So this means Queen Bee hentai releases will now be worshiped as the brilliant works of art they are as they introduced this tactic that the most loved anime in a long time has started to adapt. Everyone laughed at studio9MAiami all this time but who is laughing now? Anime studios shall now follow the example set forth by IR which was conceived by Queen Bee hentai releases and this will become the new standard. The real winners here are Queen Bee and Studio9MAiami for introducing the anime industry to this money saving yet apparently still perfectly acceptable practice. They are the real mvps and role models anime studios will strive to become.

Fucking kill me.

There is always someone out there that doesn’t want to be a team player. I’m sure the guy that was behind this was promptly thrown in lava. Did you seriously shove an instance of animation in this slideshow parade that 98 percent of the review segment consists of? If I wanted to see animation I would be reading manga I only watch anime to see non moving images. Christ there is one in every company isn’t there. Someone that wants to be different and go against what everyone else is doing. Let’s return to the regularly scheduled slideshow.

Wait a fucking minute here. Why is she no longer wearing her glasses like she had on before when she was teaching Zel? Did he seriously have her roleplay as a teacher and then remove them during the time you want them on the most? The fuck is this heresy?  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Poor Crim. While everyone else gets multiple static images for their reviews all he gets is this. Couldn’t even give him the decency of having a single static image panning.

The reviews of all perfect 10s are sent out to everyone in the world as everyone learns about the place and decides to go there. Meanwhile back at the tavern Meidri is running around as the place is busy as someone new comes in as the episode ends.

We then get an after credits scene where professor oak pretends to be dead so he can show everyone his pokeballs in full view instead as the episode ends.



Webm Album.



I would type more stuff here but I seem to have been infected by the Queen Bee virus much like this show and as a result I can only be animated during some parts which in most cases doesn’t involve the important parts such as typing. So I must make this brief before I lock up and become a static image unable to type. So based on the end of this episode the next one will be going into volume 3 and will be about the incubus guy who is the first person to conquer the lilim brothel. I mentioned this before thinking this chapter was going to be that rivals chapter last week but turns out it will be this next one. In the manga the guy is able to satisfy all the girls at the lilim brothel and much like the receptionist said in that episode doing so is the only way to fuck her which is what the guy does. So next week we will possibly get more lilim service and most significant service with the receptionist if you wanted to see that.

Only two episodes left and seems like they will end it somewhere in volume 3. Though If I had to guess the new years chapter which I mentioned last week still feels like it would be the best final place to end things due to that chapter having a bunch of the previous characters show up. Which would be the best method of ending things since everyone gets to see the characters throughout the show one last time. Whatever it is we will know by the next ep pv next week.

Already have the stuff for the mom isekai BD post done but since this show takes higher priority it is next. I ended up going through 2-6 and doing a post for any changes I could find in it which should be the next post by me you see. Need to get that post out before the ova comes out in a week and a half.