Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka BD changes vol 2-6


Good news nudity, Bad news no milf nudity.


I did a post on the first BD last year when that came out. However uploads of the remaining volumes never occurred in order for me to do more posts until now. Finally all of the remaining volumes have now been uploaded at once. While the first BD didn’t provide any nudity the second one does by giving us nudity of Wise just like the reports from those that saw the early BD screenings at an event back in september in japan said happened. Unfortunately no one else gets nude and though we get lightbeams removed it doesn’t provide much other than some panty shots and other minor things. Regardless it’s worth taking a look at so I made screens and webms of the service content I could find that was changed in the BDs.


BD2 Episode 3:

The steam surrounding Mamako is removed but sadly she keeps her hands blocking us from seeing what’s important.

More steam removal as well which allows for more cleavage. The most significant change is next though.

The scene with Wise has the steam removed allowing us to see her naked and the only instance of nudity in the show so far. Since this proved they were willing to break the nipple barrier it gives at least some hope for the upcoming OVA that releases next week.


BD3 Episode 6:

You might be wondering why this is included. Well there actually is a change here that many people might miss if not paying close attention. I only really caught it because I find Medhimama far more attractive in this episode than Mamako in her swimsuit so as a result I was looking at Medhimama’s scenes in this closely and noticed something. This scene actually scrolls down further on BD than the tv version. I even went back to check the tv version to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me and sure enough the scene only scrolls down to right before her crotch starts before cutting away. So here on BD we get to see more of her as the tv version cuts off before seeing the rest.


Another change that I even went back to check to make sure of. In the BD the bottom half of this scene isn’t shown as much. The tv version cuts off around the top railing but here we get to see the bottom half of Medhimama’s swimsuit and get to see just how small it is around her crotch showing just how lewd she really is. The fact that everyone in this episode crowded around Mamako instead of Medhimama still annoys me. I’ll admit if given only the option to have one of them give nudity I would pick Medhimama over Mamako. The milf femdom type personality and obvious inner lewdness proven by her swimsuit just makes her so much better to me over Mamako.


The lightbeams are removed here from the tentacle scene. You don’t really see much here in the first place and it’s not like the tentacles are moving around under her swimsuit either so it seemed like such a useless censor.


BD4 Episode 7:


Steam removed here which only really results in more clevage only shots. The fact that Mamako’s’s arm covers her chest so conveniently when running to Porta makes it feel like they really were deliberately taking every effort to block her. Hopefully it was only because they want to save it for the ova. Side note the Wise scene when she runs to Porta as well had no changes at all with Masato’s head blocking her as she gets up. Really strange and dumb since they already showed her naked but for some reason now didn’t want to.


The lightbeams are removed from the asses or I guess you should say the asses were removed along with the lightbeams. Seriously did the water in the bath have the ability to melt ass? No wonder they covered it up with lightbeams.

During the scene when Medhimama rips Medhi’s maid outfit off in the episode telling her she needs to get naked to attract customers to their cafe (and further proving Medhimama is deep down a lewd milf that wants the dick) we get the lightbeams removed on BD. Though sadly as was easy to tell even with the lightbeams over it Medhi is covering herself with her arms. This was the only part during that scene that had lightbeams and all of the remaining scenes with her covering herself were the same as the tv version.


BD5 Episode 10:


During the part whem Mamako steps on the wind teleporter trap in the tower and gets sent up to the floor above, the lightbeams are removed from her panties. This was odd censorship even in the tv airing as we saw just before and just after this her panties were uncensored. So either they censored this just to have something to serve as a BD change or the fact that the panty shot here was more close up compared to the others is why they censored it.


The whole bath scene during this part is almost completely the same for the most part as there wasn’t a lot shown during it in the first place. The only change of note is Amante’s ass no longer has a light beam on it when she falls down after slipping on the soap.


BD6 Episode 11


During the scene when Mamako is talking to the other moms and then transforms giving them all knight armor we get the lightbeam on Mamako’s ass removed on BD. Had almost forgot about this since it was so minor but it seems like close up shots of Mamako’s underwear had to be censored.



WebM Album.



That should be all the service scenes that had change in the BD. Even japanese bloggers stopped covering the BDs after the second so didn’t have a reference to use so I had to look as close as I could myself during important parts to catch anything from BD3 and on but I should have it all. It’s good that the show did actually deliver nudity but the disappointing thing though is that it only happened with one character and one that is pretty much flat so anyone wanting anyone else of the main party like say Medhi or more importantly Mamako whom is obviously the main draw of the show were left with nothing.

Even though the BDs only gave very small amounts of nudity all hope is not lost yet. The OVA comes out next week on the 25th and who knows what we could get from that. Since Wise was able to break the nipple barrier that means the staff are not opposed to nudity so that fact alone at least still makes it possible for it to show up again and isn’t off the table completely. As for the plot of the OVA the story for it according to the description is that it’s a beach episode where everyone gets invited to it by Shirase and while there Masato is hit in the head and loses his memory and doesn’t know who Mamako is. That situation could provide some nice service depending on how they do it. Being a beach episode already means we should get at least some swimsuit content but the added plot point of Masato forgetting who Mamako is could make for the possibility for more serviceable situations with her due to him no longer thinking she is his mom.

Hopefully they don’t waste this opportunity and make use of the nipple barrier being broken already to finally give us Mamako nudity in the ova. Doing this would make the avoidance of it here in the BDs make sense since it would mean they simply had been building it up to finally deliver in the end. It doesn’t sound like the other moms will be in it from the description but would love for them to show up but I’m guessing this will mainly be focused on the main party and Shirase. Will be really sad if we don’t get any nudity out of it especially Mamako since they have to know she is why people watched the show and considering some of the merchandise they make of her like hug pillows it would feel like such a cop out especially since there is no reason to think a season 2 will be made yet either providing other opportunities. The ova comes out next week and fortunately it seems like it was able to avoid being delayed due to certain things so we only have a week left of waiting to know the answer on if we will get Mamako nudity or not in it.

The ova is probably not going to show Porta’s mom since she doesn’t show up yet anyway but if they do it would be the best season 2 hook. Of course if we ever do get a season 2 I will probably be tortured wanting and waiting to see Porta’s mom naked and it not delivering. Considering what she looks like she is easily the best looking mom in the show.