Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 10


Eating fingers while hiding in college is perfectly normal.


The beginning of this episode has two different starting points depending on if you are watching either the r18 version or standard one since the r18 version has the extra minute of content at the beginning. This episode also did some other censoring for the standard version by putting a bra on Shizuka when she doesn’t have one in the r18 version.


Picking up from last week Ryou puts the spilled food into Shizuka’s mouth.

Just had to include this pic because of how hilarious it is. Almost the whole thing is a mosaic making most people probably wonder why even draw that angle knowing it will look like this.

This is where the extra r18 content ends and the episode begins for the standard version. Also I will include some pics of the censored standard version where Shizuka has a bra on so you can see the difference between the standard and r18 one.

A bell goes off interrupting them and Ryou realizes it’s the bell for his class and they have to stop now. Shizuka tells him she will look around the college since she wants to see what his is like while she waits for his class to end and they agree to meet back up in the same room.

As she is walking around she bumps into a girl named Sakurai (or you could just pretend it is Mio from Souryo since it is the same voice actor probably because both shows were marketed together that they gave her a small role in this). She apologizes for crashing into her and then leaves. Looking ahead in the manga it seems like she becomes a major villain in the series but we won’t be reaching those parts since the show only has 2 episodes left.

Shizuka overhears some other people talking about Sakurai and discovers that she is a really popular girl at the college and how people think she and Ryou would make a good couple if they got together.

While she is waiting for Ryou she thinks about how popular he is according to what those girls said and how despite this it is her that he likes. When she looks out the window she sees him coming to the room after his class ended and he stops to talk to Sakuari on his way over. Watching the two of them Shizuka remembers what those other girls said about how the two of them would be a good pairing. Shizuka starts doubting herself and thinks they were right and that Ryou should be with Sakurai instead.

While she is crying thinking about how she doesn’t deserve Ryou he gets to the room and sees her crying and the episode ends.


Webm album.


Only two episodes left till we get to the part everyone wants to see. Next episode will probably cover the events after this and maybe a small bit leading up to the sex scene which will obviously be saved for the final episode. This episode introduced the other female character but since the show is ending soon and we won’t get to see more of her the only purpose she has here is to setup this drama that will be solved in one episode. In the manga however she seems to be around a lot and is probably the closest thing to a villain in a series like this but none of that will be important for the anime. Next week will fix the problem that happened at the end of this episode and there still is some stuff that can be used for service for next week but the big payoff will be the episode after that so we still have the best service left to appear.

I have never understood the whole licking fingers thing. Actually I get pissed when I see people putting their own fingers in their mouth as it is. If you put fingers in your mouth everything you just touched beforehand has now been put in your mouth as well. Might as well go around licking door knobs.