New Game!! Fanservice Review Episodes 7-9

New games, new problems.

The new characters are here starting with episode 7. Momiji Mochizuki and Tsubame Narumi, have joined the cast by storm. Now, before I go any further with these new characters let me just say if you enjoy them for whatever reason that’s great. However, fan reception for them has been quite a mixed bag. Upon arrival, Momiji, was already causing drama with, Aoba. While some may see this as minor there has been quite a lot of tension this season already. Throwing this new character into the mix that’s ready to out do Aoba may of not been for the best. Moreover, by episode 9, Narumi, lashes out on, Nene. Nene, as a character has really grown over the course of the series and to say that she’s only working because she knows someone is quite off putting. Honestly the best scenes this season involved Nene’s character progression. At this point I can only assume they spiked the water at Eagle Jump.

On the service side of things we’re finally given a segment with both the new characters. Momiji, lays around in nothing but her panties after a bath. She got quite the filled out body so do take a good look at that. Narumi, is also given a minor bath scene. Due to a bug scar in their apartment she is forced to leave her bath early and you get to see her in nothing but a towel for a bit. She got a good bit of cleavage I’ll say. Enjoy!


Episode 7:

This episode introduced a new ED. Here’s a few screenshots and a stitch.


Episode 8:

Maid service, best service.

When best game see worst game.

When she see your bean sprout.


Episode 9:

Just a couple and their two children, hehe




A couple more in the album. Click here for the full album.


Well, one more post here to go for, New Game!! I’m personally hoping they are just all fun episodes and the drama is just forgotten about. There’s probably not a chance in hell that’s happening so look forward to more high tensions in, New Game!! Hopefully there’s some more last minute service to ease the pain.