Rosario + Vampire BD/DVD Release Hype! – Pantsu Compilation

What a welcome surprise!

To commemorate Funimation’s upcoming BD/DVD release of Rosario + Vampire, the hilarious ecchi-harem adapted from the popular manga of the same name, I present to you this (mostly) pantsu compilation.

Personally, I’ve found very few shows as persistently sexy and hilarious. Nearly every scene has dat ass, dem tiddies, or some absurd situation being played out. It’s unashamed fun that never leaves you impatiently waiting for something of interest to happen.

If you haven’t seen this classic yet, I strongly recommend it. This compilation only features a small fraction of the service in this show. There’s also a generous amount of tiddy jiggling, feet, lips, some occasional nudity, and a lot more pantsu. It’s a fanservice buffet.

Dig in!

Funimation synopsis:

“Tsukune’s terrible grades stick him in the only school that will take him. To his mortification, all his classmates are monsters–and if they figure out his human status, he’s fresh meat. But when his scent attracts the hungry lips of a gorgeous vampire named Moka, it turns out he’s a sucker for supernatural chicks. Before long, Tsukune is being seduced by a bouncy succubus, tormented by a frisky witch, and stalked by a snow fairy! Moka tolerates her touchy-feely friends, but overprotective is an understatement anytime jealous fiends try to hurt her boy-toy. Beastly bullies beware–when Tsukune unlocks the sweet bloodsucker’s super-monster seal, he exposes a devastating beauty with a dropkick from hell!”

Caps & Stitches (download png)

The opening scene.

Girls are often introduced ass first.

Most of us have had these kinds of arguments.

Luigi’s cameo.

Skirts can never be “too short!”

WebMs (download)