Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 11


A NTR path would have actually been better.


Not much service this episode with the episode being primarily a story focused one so expect a lot of story here. Hopefully this was to get all the remaining story out of the way so we can get more time for service next week in the final episode.


Picking up from last week Ryou gets to the room they were supposed to meet at only to see Shizuka crying and asking her what is wrong. She doesn’t tell him that the reason she is crying is because she doesn’t think she deserves him which she started to think after seeing him with that other girl. Instead she just tells him she is hurt before running away.

After Shizuka runs away Kuratani whom is in the hallway with a friend sees her running when he looks out the window and decides to go after her to see what is wrong.

Shizuka hates on herself for saying the things that she did while Ryou leaves the room he was in to go find her.

Kuratani finds her sitting at a bench and brings her something to drink and sits with her while telling her the reason he was at that college was because he has a friend that goes there. Meanwhile Ryou has found them and is spying behind a tree.

Kuratani asks her if she has a boyfriend since he has noticed she was happier recently and figured she did. She tells him no probably out of embarrassment and he says that is good since he uses that opportunity to tell her how he feels about her and surprises her.

Kuratani asks her if she will go out with him since she doesn’t have a boyfriend and he has now told her how much he has liked her for awhile now.

Shizuka tells him that she already has someone she likes but hasn’t started going out with him yet and she doesn’t know if he still likes her or can put up with her behavior anymore. Kuratani then tells her if that is the case she could try going out with him for a while to see if she likes him more since if she is not actually dating the other guy it shouldn’t be a problem.

Shizuka has a flashback to when Ryou asked her the same thing which was to date him and to let him know when she has finally made a decision on if she likes him or not. (this flashback scene just used some pics from a previous episode with the standard version using the censored ones and r18 version using the uncensored pics). Shizuka realizes she can’t do the same thing to Kuratani since it wouldn’t be right to make two people have to wait for her to make a decision. During this time she also realizes she has come to an answer for Ryou’s question and that she finally wants to tell him how she feels about him like she promised and so she turns Kuratani down. He accepts her answer and tells her he understands and that he is glad he was told straight up so he had his answer right away and leaves after telling her bye.

I have to say fuck this show as I now know how women feel when watching some soap operas or something and getting pissed when the female lead picks the shit male character instead of the far better one. So instead of her choosing the guy who has shown concern for her while being understanding she instead chooses the guy whom constantly tries to rape her in public. Not only that her only reason for liking Ryou is because he has said and did a few nice things for her and these things are stuff that literally any other guy including Kuratani would do for her as well but with the only difference being Kuratani wouldn’t try to rape or molest her at every opportunity. Kuratani is also far better looking than Ryou is and actually has friends demonstrating that he has social skills while Ryou has yet to show he has any actual guy friends. But don’t worry it gets better as we are about to see how great her decision to pick Ryou truly is….

After Kuratani leaves Ryou comes out of hiding and grabs Shizuka and takes her behind the building. In the standard version this is where the episode ends but the R18 version continues on from here.

Ryou asks her about the guy she said she likes when she was talking to Kuratani. However before she can answer he starts doing stuff to her.

Ryou being one of low intelligence is unable to figure out that the guy she said she likes is him even though anyone that is not a moron would have been able to figure it out. So in response to the thought of her liking another guy he violently molests her since that is apparently a perfectly reasonable reaction to a misunderstanding and not the sign of a psychopath. He then says how he regrets holding back all this time and demands she tell him who the guy is.

If Shizuka were smart and didn’t have low self esteem this would probably make her come to the realization that she picked the wrong guy but we all know that won’t happen. The fact that he is reacting this way over a simple misunderstanding should serve as a giant red flag that this is not someone to be with but she will obviously forgive him and act as if nothing happened. The episode ends at this point leaving only the final episode left.


WebM album.


Though it won’t happen I would love it if the final episode had Kuratani show up and beat Ryou’s ass saving Shizuka and Ryou gets sent off to prison while Shizuka and Kuratani become a happy couple. It would actually be very suitable when you consider this series is for woman and they could get some very nice service from the inevitable prison scene. Seriously the show should end with Ryou getting ass fucked in prison which would make the women watching the show go crazy at getting to see a pretty boy getting fucked in the ass. It would actually be really fitting too since a guy who dresses up like a woman would be very popular in prison. Sadly that won’t be the ending.

We should at least finally get the sex scene in the next episode assuming they follow the manga. So after the long wait the final episode will deliver the stuff that most people probably watched the show in the first place for. Considering all the service we have seen so far has just been things like fingering and such there is no way to know how far they will go with the final episode when it comes to sex. In the case of Souryo it happened halfway through the show so we knew early on what to expect from Seven for sex scenes. For Skirt however the final episode will be our first exposure to how MagicBus will handle sex scenes. This will be something important to keep in mind in case their studio does another show like this in the future much like how Seven already has another similar show lined up for the fall.


I will be glad when this show is over. These 11 weeks have been so boring waiting for something to happen in the show. When a show is r18 and comes out right after souryo I expected something similar but instead got nothing but tame fingering and such rather than sex. No matter what the final episode ends up being I kind of doubt it will be able to make up for these past 11 weeks watching this when you consider souryo did it better.