Sword Art Online: The movie about Asuna’s nipples.

That’s literally what the movie is about, end of the review!

As if… hello everyone and welcome once again to another Fapservice review, this is your new host and writer Kranesh, hope you’re all having a pleasant day and if you’re here just because I said nipples in the title then you’re in the right place!

The BD of the SAO movie is out, and finally the wet dream of many fanboys has come true, the magnificent Asuna’s uncensored bath scene… 100% free of fog and other silly cliche censorship!

Now don’t get me wrong… I am by no means a SAO fan, I consider the series to be absolute trash and the worst girl got the nude scene… but hey! tits are tits in the end so I’m not gonna complain about that.

However the scene itself is kinda lackluster and not what many expected, we didn’t get a good close up or a frontal shot of Asuna’s naked bossom, but instead we got a sideboob shot with her nipples that also evolved into a butt shot… just what fanboys needed to go into maximum overdrive and cum buckets!


We first see Asuna in the bath, browsing stuff on her phone while we get to see her first sideboob shot, the following webm speaks for itself:

While it was decently animated and it was sexy, it could have been so much more… I honestly would have loved to see Suguha instead of Asuna (mostly because her tits are way larger and better) but oh well, beggars can be choosers.

The rest of the movie itself… it wasn’t my cup of tea and there wasn’t any other notable fanservice scenes in the movie besides those nipples.

Now before you guys trash me for hating SAO, remember! this is my sole opinion, if any of you like it then that’s totally fine, I won’t deny that this show had decent moments but overall it wasted many chances to be really good… but hey, the most important thing to talk about here right now are Asuna’s tits!

So do you guys liked this scene at all? was it worth the wait? Let me know in your comments about it and don’t miss any of our reviews here at Fapservice!