Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 6


Crowded trains encourage lewd behavior.


After last week gave us the most service filled episode so far we now get the least service episode this week. No nudity or anything special this week just some rubbing a leg between legs.

Ryou and Shizuka are going to an amusement park for a date which Shizuka agreed to in order to repay Ryou for all the room service food he ordered at the hotel the day before in the previous episode.

Eventually the train gets crowded and as a result everyone is pushed together. During this Ryou’s leg gets forced between Shizuka’s which unknowingly rubs her causing her to react.

Eventually Ryou becomes aware of what is going on and starts to purposely do things with his leg to her. This is where the only service of this episode commences.

Ryou spends the rest of the train ride bullying her with his leg as a result of the crowding.

Shizuka yells at him for doing that when they reach their destination before they head off into the amusement park to continue their date.

While they are resting Shizuka says how she doesn’t normally go to crowded places so being at the amusement park is new to her which makes sense since she is too shy to go anywhere. Ryou asks her why she went to that party in which they first met then if she is not good at crowded places. She tells him it was because of her friend that was also with her that they thought going to it might help her overcome her shyness of men by talking with them. Shizuka then asks Ryou why he was there and dressed like a woman while attending it.

Ryou explains that all the women interested in him only like him for his looks which is why he always cross dresses in order to hide from them. So the reason he still crossdressed even when going to a party for hooking up with people is because he wanted to find a girl that truly liked him for something other than his looks.

Shizuka asks why she was the one he felt he could trust since she still doesn’t view herself as anything special and still doesn’t understand why he would want her instead of anyone else.

As Ryou gets ready to answer her he is interrupted when it starts to rain so they have to go somewhere else quick. Ryou sees the ferris wheel and decides to head there so they can get out of the rain(and probably to reenact various hentai that takes place in a ferris wheel as well) and the episode ends.


WebM album.


Kind of odd how the episodes for the past 3 weeks keep switching to most tame to most extreme ones. Episode 4 was at the time the least service episode which they then made up for with last week’s episode which was the most service so far and now they seem to have had this episode be even less service than episode 4 was. I suppose that is the big problem with short anime, they have multiple episodes covering just one chapter which seems to result in a break in service depending on what part of the chapter that particular episode covers since chances are the best service of a chapter will be located at one particular part of the chapter rather than completely throughout.

This episode seemed like another story focused one as it explained why Ryou was dressed like a woman at that party a party in which the purpose was to meet potential dates. We already knew why he did it for everyday life but now we have an explanation on why he still did it while attending that party when the two of them met. Next week will almost certainly be more service filled compared to this episode considering how little there was this time. So even though this episode did not give much don’t worry because next week should be better.


There is actually a job in japan in which someone’s responsibility is to push people into packed trains and make sure the door closes. They go up to the door and push the crowd of people as much as they can so that the door can actually close shut. Meanwhile everyone is packed in there like sardines. I think if I was in that situation I would be too tempted to fart and ruin everyone’s day.