Freezing BD Fanservice Review Episode 07

Senpai vs Kohai battle starts!

Episode 07

Attia tells the truth to Rana.

Name is Arnett McMillan, 3rd year Pandora and the third and last redhead to appear in the season.

The other girl is Creo Brand, another 3rd year Pandora.

Satella wants to take on the two at the same time.

Rana decides to team with her.

First thing Arnett does is knocking Kazuya out, smart girl.

Satellizer is angry and goes all out to confront Arnett.

Nice panty shot.

Arnett seems to have fun.

Creo is a close range fighter like Rana.

Rana is easily defeated.

Arnett continues playing with Satellizer.

Satellizer soon meets the same fate as Rana.

Arnett doesn’t have piety.

Nice crotch Attia has.

Flashback time, Satella remembers her past.

Satella’s stepmother and her two siblings.

Satella’s mother leaves her with the El Bridget family due to illness.

Eyecatches continue delivering, some yuri this time.

Satella’s brother was the culprit of her developing a fear to be touched.

After remembering her mother last words of not losing against anyone, Satella manages to stand up again.

That’s what i call a comeback.

Rana doesn’t want to stay behind and stands up too.

First view of Arnett nipples, too bad it is in that condition.

Amazing crotch.

Creo bites the dust too.

Attia is about to join the fight… while she show us and amazing view of her butt.

Creo and Arnett are not done yet.

President Chiffon arrives and stops the fight.

However, Arnett doesn’t stop and attacks again, giving us a nice panty shot view.

Chiffon defeats Arnett with just one hit.

Blonde girl is Elizabeth Mably, the second strongest pandora in all West Genetics, she also likes to be nude a lot.

Chiffon and Elizabeth enjoy pool time.

Nice ass shot from Elizabeth.

Amazing boobs Eli has.

Chiffon tells Elizabeth that she has a bad feeling, it is not time to punish Satellizer or the other 2nd years.


3rd year vs 2nd year battle was nice, a bit to much blood but some nice service on it too.

Elizabeth and Chiffon scene in the pool delivered some needed no battle service.


First season of Freezing did a great job adapting the manga and even adding more fan service to the anime. Plot isn’t something great but nothing awful either and the great amount of PLOT makes it worth it. It has a good amount of girls variety, although some of them like Ganessa are left aside as the series progresses.


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