Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 Episode 11 (OVA) BD Fanservice Review

Konosuba is back with more fun and excitement!

Seeing more Konosuba always puts a smile on my face as it never fails to make me chuckle and enliven my spirits. Been waiting for this OVA since season 2 ended and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

This time, Kazuma finally meets his first “fan” (a new girl) only to be crushed by disappointment when the devastating truth is revealed later on. Besides the first one, we have 2 other new girls making an appearance as well. Also, we got to witness Darkness’s inner desires being comprehensively “fulfilled”.

If you don’t know what Konosuba is all about, Aqua gave the perfect summary in this OVA:

“Something weird is gonna attack us, Darkness is going to be assaulted, I’m going to be traumatized and Megumin is going to blow the whole place up without any regards for your life. And then we’ll be in debt again because we destroyed this place!”.

We start things off with a female version of our MC taking orders from our MC

Introducing a second new girl, Ran!

Hasn’t even been 3 minutes and we have seen 2 new girls so far. Wow~

And what an ass she’s got!

The gang’s daily life

The gang takes on a quest to subdue a golem

Megumin is excited about what we are about to witness next!

As mentioned in the episode’s title , God has indeed blessed us with this wonderful art!

Something giant playing with something giant. N I C E

And she loved every second of it

Gang reluctantly takes on a second quest

Here comes the 3rd new girl introduced in this episode, but…

Is it me or is it that with each passing episode, her blouse slides off her shoulders more and more? Not that I’m complaining though

Two magnificent asses in one shot? Hallelujah~

Great stitches courtesy of Kiko:

Great WebMs courtesy of ScissorMeTimbers:

WebM album

My thoughts at the end of the episode? Three words. Hilarious as always.

It’s always great to get more Konosuba action, as I feel that the show always¬†has something more to give. More girls. More laughter. More explosion. And the list goes on and on…

Speculation is rife that we will get another season of Konosuba and I’m keeping my fingers crossed here.

I’m not a light novel reader and thus I have no clue as to what is in store for us if we ever get a season 3, but more than anything, it definitely means more fanservice for us!

P.S. I’m still salty that Kazuma used “Steal!” at the end but nothing was shown. What a bummer…………