Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 7


A Ferris wheel during the rain is apparently the best place for a confession.


This episode brings back some service which was somewhat lacking last week and also some more character development.


Continuing from the previous episode Ryou and Shizuka go on the Ferris Wheel to get out of the rain that started. While inside Shizuka starts sneezing and Ryou gives her his sweater(though I don’t really see the point since technically shouldn’t that be wet as well). Ryou tells her he will be fine and she can have it but then starts sneezing himself right after giving it to her and Shizuka suggests they share it.

Ryou accepts Shizuka’s offer since it gives him a chance to get closer to her and since she started it by suggesting it she shouldn’t get mad in reference to if he does anything to her. While holding her in his lap he asks her about earlier before they were interrupted by the rain and if she still wants to know why he picked her at the party.

Ryou tells Shizuka she was the only one that treated him like a normal person and recognized him for who he was rather than his looks like everyone else. This was something he said in the previous episode as the reason why he was dressed as a woman at the party which was to find someone that treated him just like anyone else and liked him for who he was as a person unlike all the other girls that like him just for his looks. She also didn’t have a problem with him crossdressing when she found out and has acted honestly as well which is what attracted him to her. Shizuka tells him that his crossdressing is a good thing for her as well because of her shyness around men.

Ryou continues with his confession to her and tells her how special she is and how she shouldn’t always think low of herself. This was his attempt to further explain why he picked her since one of the main reasons she asked was because she didn’t think she was good enough for someone like him. So this was his way of trying to get her to stop thinking so bad about herself.

After telling her everything he asks her for permission before kissing her which surprises her since she is so used to him doing things on his own. She tells him that he has never asked before when he did anything to her and to not start doing it now. In other words it is the normal shy girl response of not wanting to admit to liking or wanting something and for the person to just do it.

It is at this point when the episode ends in the standard version of the episode. The r18 version continues on for a minute more of the following afterwards.

And the episode ends here suddenly. Which seems to be a common thing with the show to just stop instantly.


Webm album.


After last week’s episode being tame it’s good that for this week they give us a face full of vagina to make up for it. We also got more character development for Ryou explaining what he sees in Shizuka and why he likes her. It is also made apparent that he is probably going to be an important part of her development as well both for getting over her shyness and her self esteem issues. Assuming it follows the manga then the next episode should give us some more service as well so we shouldn’t need to worry about next week’s episode being like last week’s. I am also amused that this episode involved doing lewd stuff in a ferris wheel simply because I posted my hentai release schedule for this month yesterday and one of the titles coming out involve that very same concept in a scene so perfect timing to post these posts back to back I guess.

When it comes to ferris wheels hentai seems to really like them. I guess if i had to pick a best hentai that involves one though I would pick Immoral Sisters 2 since that had a ferris wheel scene in it. Though I kind of wish it involved Tomoko more since she is best girl. Actually I wish Immoral Sisters involved Tomoko more period since it feels like she got less focus than the others especially in the first one and especially when it comes to sex scenes. She at least got a normal scene in the sequel but that isn’t anywhere near the amount of screentime the others got. Plus it felt like they made her breasts bigger in the sequel and I liked her design in the first one more. That’s enough invisible secret rambling for now.