New Game!! Fanservice Review Episodes 4-6

Time to get comfy with, New Game!!

Aoba’s dream has been going well for the most part, but nothing goes truly as planned. Production of Eagle Jump newest game, Peco, is doing great, however there’s just one snag. It’s time to release the key visual to the public. Unfortunately, the publishers don’t feel strongly about Aoba’s ability to produce such a visual. Tensions run high, yet an agreement is somewhat made. Although she won’t see this part of her dream come true she still pour her heart into her work. Aside from that service for this post can mainly be found within episode 5. New Game, has been lacking some pantsu, but it’s still going great nonetheless. Anyhow, enjoy!


Episode 4:


Episode 5:

When the horns come out she’s ready to play.


Episode 6:

They really made the princess a cutie. Would buy.

I can’t believe this won.

Aoba, your work truly was outstanding.





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Well, we’re half way over here. Hopefully the service picks back up a bit. Also, hoping the drama is toned down a bit. I’m seeing to many cute girls cry lately in New Game. The all around fun and joy of season one is surely missed.