Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 9


Girls never make food for you they just accidentally make extra and let you have it.


Not a whole lot of service in this episode and no nudity. This week the extra minute of content in the r18 version doesn’t begin till near the end.


As said at the end of the previous episode Ryou has taken Shizuka to a cafe he wanted to go to before so that they can order off of the girls only menu. During this Shizuka asks about if anyone else knows about him really being a man and tells her only she does and they should keep it as their secret.

While eating Shizuka says how she likes cooking and Ryou tells her how he wants to eat something she has cooked and Shizuka thinks about it.

Shizuka visits his college to bring him food she made but finds out he is hiding because of all the girls after him so he asks her to come to the storage room he is at to give it to him.

Shizuka meets with him and gives him the food she made because of what he said the day before about how he wants to try her cooking.

Ryou tries to get her to eat some but she doesn’t want to (probably because she knows she laced them with arsenic) and one of the creampuffs falls on her getting her dirty. It is around here the reqular version ends while the r18 version continues on.

Ryou turns down getting his dick sucked I guess.


So he settles for putting his hand in her mouth instead. The episode ends at this point because they obviously need the rest of this scene so they can use it for next week’s service since otherwise there would be nothing else to use for next week’s episode based on what is next in the manga.


Webm album.


So it is pretty much almost certain at this point the sex will be in the final episode based on there only being 3 episodes left and the content remaining till sex in the manga. There is still some more to this scene when it ended so the next episode will cover that probably and the other female character should be showing up as well I assume. Then episode 11 has some stuff in the manga after that which could be used as 11’s service content as well as setting up the sex scene and episode 12 will finish it. This show has certainly did things differently from what Souryo did in terms of giving us service since Souryo gave us multiple sex scenes throughout while Skirt is saving it for the end.

With that said it was recently announced that Seven will be doing the anime of Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji which will be another R18 show in the fall. Since Seven did Souryo in the spring and now Omiai in the fall while MagicBus did Skirt I hope that means Omiai is more similar to Souryo than to Skirt when it comes to service because I much prefer multiple sex scenes rather than only near the end.


Personally I have always hated the idea of eating food off someone. It’s so fucking unhygienic plus it makes it seem like you are a cannibal. Heck how do you know eating food off someone won’t actually do that and mess you up mentally that you start craving a taste of human and begin to eat them because you have conditioned yourself to bite and chew flesh.