Strike the Blood III Volume 1 Has More Bath Scenes

More of the same is a good thing when it comes to ecchi fanservice and fans are looking at yet another drought in Winter 2018.

Credit to nylon66 for the original images.  I’ve edited one stitch to fix breakage and added filtered versions of bath scene images.


Strike the Blood III BD Volume 1 releases today and nylon66 has early images.  Unfortunately, it’s a 10-episode OVA instead of a TV series.  And there will be months between volumes (like with StB II) and the final volume won’t be out until Fall 2019.  Fortunately, StB III has more bath scenes with nipples.  Thus continuing a trend that started with Strike the Blood OVA and Strike the Blood II.




My very early impression is more of the same but in a good way.  More bath scenes.  More girls.  And some of the new girls from StB II now have nude scenes.  Nice.  And more new girls on top of that.  Including a loli catgirl assassin?  Very nice?

Strike the Blood staff seems to have a good handle on what works for them.  Plot that doesn’t forget the PLOT.  But plot and characters first and foremost.  With PLOT in measured doses.  Which works as long as they continue to deliver quality over quantity.

I’m a fan.  And I still find StB entertaining to watch again and make media from.


This is just an early look at StB III done for news purposes.

I plan on doing proper BD fanservice reviews for ALL StB BDs and have been slowly making media for all of the previous 34 episodes released on BD before today.  And I will be making media for StB III episodes once there are HQ BD raws or rips.  I’ll probably wait for Reinforce since that is what I have been using to make media of previous episodes.

I’m not against doing my fanservice reviews of StB shows in reverse order starting with StB III.  We’ll see.