Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 9:

It’s all about breaking the ice to work together!! (^_^)

Hey everyone, welcome back to Amagi Brilliant Park reviews!! In this episode, the spotlight shines on the 4 lovely fairies of Amaburi. As it was first introduced, it was dance group that it was thought to work well together. However, all of them doesn’t synchronize with each other and their dance moves falters. (T_T)

As their performance was not improving due to a lack of teamwork, the Elementario fairies are all invited for dinner at princess Latifah’s place. 

While they were eating happily and talking about each other, they soon ran out of additives. The princess leave them to get some herself. Well, she should’ve prepared more at the first place. XD Before leaving, princess Latifah tells them not to push the button or else something bad will happen.

As princess Latifah left the place, leaving the girls alone, the button had to be push no matter what!! If not, there wouldn’t be an episode for this. XD

As the button triggered, the defense mechanism of the castle was activated, attacking everyone who approach or near to the castle. Since the castle is impermeable, the task of shutting down the defense mechanism of the castle is on the Elementario fairies so that visitors to the park will not be at risk.

In order to turn off the castle’s security systems, they must pass a series of trial that demands them to work together. XD

It wasn’t easy for them at first, but by working together and covering each other’s weakness, they eventually succeeded!!  (^^)/

They turned off the castle’s defense system together. But more importantly, they became a better group after the series of trial and are able to perform better after that. XD

That is all for the highlights of this episode. The story of Amagi Brilliant Park is progressing well, but with a few more episodes left, time is running out for them. Will they be able to attract 500,000 visitors with the remaining time? A feat that seems insurmountable given the park’s current situation, please stay tuned to find out more!! Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v