Senran Kagura Shinovi Master fanservice review episode 10


Bathing before the final battle.


Even though this episode takes place at a hotspring it doesn’t contain as much nudity of everyone as one would had expected. However it does offer us some new things not seen so far. We get loli Kagura nudity for the first time outside of the ED and also for the first time nudity of her adult form. Also there is a decent amount of nudity of Fubuki whom previously was only shown from the side in the ED and hard to see in a previous episode.


Everyone arrives at the hotspring town so they can search for the door that is supposed to open up around there. Kagura tells everyone she doesn’t know where it is just somewhere in the area and so they just have to wait around for it to appear and then stop it after that happens. When they arrive at the hotspring they also see Fubuki is already there waiting as she admits that she doesn’t even know where the door is either. As the others get ready to fight her Yumi stops them having remembered what she was told at the end of the previous episode and wants to ask her more questions later and so asks everyone to not fight her.


Since they have nothing else to do while waiting they decide to look around and discover that Homura and Miyabi’s groups are there as Homura tells them Asuka and the others are around also.

Hibari and Yagyu practice their charlie brown looking up impression.

Asuka starts to have the effects of using the sealing spell afflict her as she makes up an excuse to leave so that the others don’t realize something is wrong. Meanwhile Yumi and the others decide to head into the spring but while the others decide to go in the open air one she decides to take the pot bath instead as they split up. We don’t get to see the others when they are in the spring unfortunately so going to have to settle for Yumi nudity only out of the group for this.

Loli butt is fine but non loli butt gets censored.

When Yumi enters she sees that Fubuki is there as well getting ready to use the pot bath also. At that point Kagura and Naraku come out of their time in the spring and we get nudity of them. Not a lot though and is really just the one scene of them entering which feels like a waste since we didn’t get to see them talking while they were in the bath together. This is the first time we see loli Kagura nude outside of the ED so this does end up being something new here. Naraku we saw nude briefly during episode 5 but she hasn’t had anything else beyond that.


As Yumi is undressing she notices that Fubuki s carrying something around with her which she says was given to her by Kurokage. Kagura implies something about it as she is leaving as Fubuki and Yumi head into the bath.

They see there is only one pot bath for them to use and so they will have to share it as they both get in. While using it they both realize that they used to do this same thing long ago when they were younger and were both being trained. Yumi then uses this time to ask about what Fubuki said before in the previous episode.

While talking with Fubuki she learns that her mother was a youma and her father a human. She tells her that her mother was called the ultimate youma and as a result no one could beat her so the shinobi gave up trying. However since they had no way to kill her they used the same sealing skill that Asuka used earlier to seal her mother away instead. She points out how any youma sealed away with that skill can never return to this world so she will never be able to see her mother again. After she was left alone that is when Yumi’s grandfather took her in to raise her and why she wants revenge on shinobi. Yumi asks her if they really need to fight and if there is any other way but she denies it and tells her to get ready for the battle as she leaves.

For some reason Yumi doesn’t ask about her father which seems like a pretty big important plot detail since being vague about it makes it seem like that is something significant. It could had just been some random male but not addressing it really makes me think it will end up being the other son of Kurokage thus making them cousins or it possibly was Kurokage himself that was the father and she might be older than she looks due to being half human. The fact that they made special care to show two babies during that Kurokage flashback episode and say nothing else about it though does make me lean more towards them being cousins though and they were just dropping subtle hints throughout.

Yumi meets with Asuka later that night to talk to her now knowing why she acted the way she did up until now. Asuka admits she went around alone because she didn’t want the others involved since they are ordered to kill youma and since she wants to seal them instead she doesn’t want the others to disobey orders as well. Yumi asks if she can tell the others about Fubuki and what has been going on and Asuka lets her.

Elsewhere Fubuki is waiting around for Kagura to show up knowing she will arrive soon. Kagura tells Naraku not to get involved and let her fight Fubuki alone as they arrive. Kagura admits that she sensed something was strange with Fubuki when she first saw her and knew she was half youma and has to stop her. Fubuki activates her powers as Kagura switches to her adult form as they begin to fight.

They tell the others about what is going on with Fubuki and why she is doing all of this. Homura admits to being sorry about Fubuki but points out how everyone from Gessen had their parents killed as well so they are the same but despite this they didn’t become jrpg villains that want to destroy the world so Fubuki’s response to her situation isn’t really justified.

Yumi tells everyone she wants to only seal the youma instead of kill them much like Asuka but Miyabi refuses to do that and leaves as the others note that her parents were killed by youma so it makes sense for her to think that way. Homura then points out how sealing youma instead will be disobeying orders and though that isn’t an issue for her and her group due to being rouge shinobi it would be for the others. Asuka says that doesn’t matter and she will still do it even if she gets punished for it.

As Asuka leaves the others tell her they heard what was being discussed and they don’t care if they get punished as well and still want to help her. They also point out even if they all get expelled and punished they can just become rouge shinobi like Homura’s group if that happens.

Later that night Homura is wondering who the shinobi that was strong enough to seal away Fubuki’s mother was. Meanwhile Yumi goes to talk with Kagura to tell her about everything only to see that she is not in her room.

Yumi runs outside to find Kagura and Fubuki fighting.

When Kagura sees that Yumi has gotten there she decides to purposely lose the fight so that Yumi can finish the rest instead. She stops using her power to defend against Fubuki’s attack and lets herself get hit which destroys her clothes giving us the first adult Kagura nudity as she turns back into her loli form (though they gave her new clothes instead of having her appear naked). She tells Yumi she has to be the one to stop Fubuki now and that she is the only one that can do it and to remember why Fubuki still has that accessory from Kurokage with her which she noted earlier as a clue. Fubuki and Rasetsu them leave and arrive at the area in which the door to the other world begins to open up as the episode ends.



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This episode seemed to be the last quiet one before we get a bunch of final story/battle type stuff. We got some new nudity thanks to adult Kagura as well as seeing a more visible angle of her loli form plus a better view of Fubuki also so even though this episode didn’t have a lot it did have some new things. It may seem disappointing to some that we didn’t get a huge amount of nudity from everyone here like you would expect from a hot spring episode but since the location is still at the hotspring the possibility for more isn’t gone. Assuming this location also serves as the final battle location then it is entirely possible that everyone will use the hotspring again in the final episode after everything is done. I mentioned it before but it may be possible the ED is just foreshadowing to the final episode so perhaps we will still have a lot more nudity to go.

The kikai dome stuff and Daidoji and Rin being there still needs to be addressed but I’m starting to think they will come up with some way to link the two locations together so that they appear as well. My guess is that everyone that went to the kikai dome has become trapped in the other world and since a door to that other world is now opening up at the hotspring location the others might have to go inside to save everyone and bring them out which will serve as an excuse to get both of them at the hotspring town. Or maybe they were never actually captured but just trapped in the other world and will just pop out suddenly from the new door that has opened having spent all this time fighting youma in that world while trying to find a way out and now they can.

Other than possibly some clothing destruction the next episode will probably be heavy on fighting which hopefully means nudity and maybe some new stuff as well like Rasetsu or maybe the other female youma that will probably come out from the new door losing their clothes. Something else that would be interesting to see is if Fubuki’s mother appears. They only showed her from the back which makes it hard to tell if that was just because they don’t want to spoil her yet or didn’t bother to design her because they don’t plan on showing her at all. Assuming youma get resealed back into the other world it is possible that opening up this new door to the other world which is supposed to be the strongest door so far and thus would be able to handle the strongest youma might be a way that Fubuki could see her mother again and is the reason she is doing it. Since they said she was the ultimate youma and Fubuki earlier in the show enticed Kagura to enter her competition under the promise of fighting the ultimate youma if she won it would make sense to have her appear. They could even be planning on having her being the final boss of the show which could also lead to some nudity from her if they go that route.

They are going to pass up on the female youma nudity again probably in the next episode. Why must they ignore the large monster girl crowd? Then again now that that they all know to not kill the youma but seal them instead this might result in them aiming for the clothes to be as non lethal as possible and thus giving us nudity. Also if my hotspring theory is true and we do get everyone in it at the end then Daidoji best be in her ripped shinobi form during it and Rin in her teacher form. Not giving nudity of characters in their most identifiable form is a crime.