Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 12 Fanservice Review

You Hate This Show Because You Hate The State of Modern Ecchi.

Here we are at last boys, the final episode.   It’s been quite, a ride…..

What? Oh, you say you wanted nipples? Well that feeling is just a parasite that lives in your neck – you never actually needed nipples in the first place see…

No need for nipples right? Nothing off here. nope.

After you watch a show, you should just forget it immediately… It spares you the pain of seeing the majority of modern ecchi turning into nippleless BD bait or nothing at all… Friendly reminder the recent DxD has no fucking specials…

Don’t focus on the past or good production values either, the CGI apocalypse/Budget Demise of anime will end you… Just pretend girls in aprons or shows about food-gasms and beach volleyball are top tier ecchi you have never experienced before and are the most creative shows ever made…

A general depiction of modern ecchi content disparity

Huh? You say most shows can’t even manage to craft good nipples let alone fluid titties? Irrelevant, expecting quality in your ecchi is like expecting a kid to play a new videogame without lootboxes – Utterly UNREALISTIC!

So what if you pay for ecchi like any other product. It’s basically pr0n after all! Modern ecchi fans will tell you to just, “Take what you’re given, and expect no greater creativity or eroticism in your smut.” and you know what? I think we should listen to them…

because if you and I are anything in this world, we are FOLLOWERS first, right?…

right?                          guys?…….


sigh  Onto the review, what little there is.

Christmas comes early, but unless you have the chest weight of Nana or Ayaka, it all looks rather stock and completely unsuited for ecchi viewing.

and the only reason we have this many pics this week is because I am bullshitting the fuck out of what constitutes perversion in a moment..

if you wanted me to go through this shit with a Seikon-level magnifying glass, you wouldn’t have a single image this week or any of the past weeks to look at, because this show is really slice of life just parading around the shota/milf dynamic set up between Aki and Ayaka.

The things I do for you guys

Flatty McFlatterson takes the initiative for about 3 seconds.

and by minute 24 we have had 23:30 minutes of pure story and 30 seconds of girls wearing either Christmas or New Years garb.

with that, here’s your last end card boys.


If I was 12, I think I would enjoy this show for its “Hand Maid May” quality – and by that I mean it’s a harmless vanilla harem show with less panty shots and more big blonde tits. It is mellow as fuck and would probably be one of those shows you binged as a kid during a rainy day because you still didn’t completely understand the perverted subtext behind everything.

That said, this show’s value ends at that, and the hotness of its lead female’s body of course. Aya carried this show from the start, and retains her perfect aesthetics, but that sure as fuck ain’t enough for anyone who has seen the likes of Shinmai, DxD, Seikon, Monster Musume, or ANY of the OG classics like Ikkitousen at any point in their lives.

Hell, even if it DID have nudity, it would have been fucking censored – OR our asses would be waiting months for the BD redraws/potential specials.


I would say this to the ecchi soul within us all… Keep your chin up, and demand better content.