Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 12


Winning the final battle gets you a bigger harem.


We have now reached the end and even though there is no season 2 announcement we do get some service to end the show on. All of it is mainly at the end of the episode with the girls wearing little during most of the last few minutes. So the show manages to end on that good note at least.


Continuing from the previous episode Alicia joins up with Edelgard as they watch the town waiting for Klem to destroy it. Meanwhile Chester is thinking on how to deal with the army of fallen on side of the town and the demon lord on the other. Sylvie then appears telling him to leave the demon lord stuff to Diablo and not get in the way. Disappointing that this means we don’t get Diablo and Chester fighting the final boss together in true jrpg endgame fashion.

Diablo begins to fight Klem and decides to start setting up his strongest area of attack spell so that he can avoid damaging the city. Shera gets to Rem and gives her all the potions saving her as Rem tells her about Alicia and what she had been planning the entire time.

Sonic prefers to escape from the city.

Emile shows up during the fight to get Rem and Shera out of the way so Diablo can activate his spell he set up. After using it he sees Klem still has strength left to fight only for Shera and Rem to come out and show Klem that Rem is still alive which returns her back to normal. Wish we would had got Diablo, Chester, and Emile working together in the fight but instead we get the power of friendship thing from Rem to end it. Emile sees that Klem was the demon lord the whole time but tells Diablo not to worry since he isn’t going to tell anyone since he doesn’t want to see them upset.

Meanwhile Edelgard and Alicia see that their plan has failed. Angry at Edelgard for failing again and for teaming up with a human the other fallen get ready to kill them both as Edelgard tells Alicia to run while she tries to keep them busy.

Sylvie finds the others before anyone else gets there and tells them that she knows about Klem being the demon lord and that it wouldn’t be safe to keep her in the city. As Diablo tries to think on what to do he remembers the enslavement pact and crystal Rem gave him earlier in a previous episode. Diablo asks Klem if she will become his slave that way he can control her and there should be nothing to fear from her (plus he knows catching the legendary pokemon and keeping it for your team is better than letting it go). After Shera and Rem convince her that everything will be fine she agrees to become Diablo’s slave.

Diablo completes the pact for completing the enslavement ritual which involves a kiss and gets Rem as another of his slaves. Meanwhile back at Chester’s mansion Sylvie reports on the incident with Chester revealing that he knows about Klem being the demon lord but he and Sylvie decide they will leave it alone and just keep an eye on their group to make sure nothing happens.

Back at the inn everyone decides to go to sleep with Shera telling Klem she can get in the bed too now and that they have nothing to fear from her.

As everyone starts to fall asleep Alicia appears and holds Shera hostage demanding Klem help her heal someone only she has the ability to do. She takes them to her room and asks Klem to save Edelgard whom was injured during their escape from the other fallen. Diablo tells her to do it and Klem heals her. After Edelgard wakes up she asks Klem about everything with Klem telling her she has decided to live alongside the humans and for her to stop trying to hurt them which Edelgard agrees to.

 Only towards the people that decided this show will most likely remain non nude. Guess she grew up in California am I right?

After Edelgard agrees to behave they ask Alicia why she is batshit crazy. She then gives the cliched villain “muh bad childhood” speech everyone has heard before and how that justifies killing everyone. Here’s an idea rather than become a cliched villain that is certainly in no way an example of bad unoriginal writing how about finding meaning in your bad experiences and turn it into something positive. No fuck that let’s go full emo wrist cutting crawling in my skin bullshit reeeee. Christ I hate seeing this stupid overdone justification on why someone hates the world it’s such bad writing. I roll my eyes every time a game or show uses it. Anyway Diablo sympathizes with her because he is a neet and has avoided people because of his bad experiences as well but he wasn’t crazy.

 Some lines from the end of symphony of the night would had worked here. Stop listening to that kind of music for one thing.

Arkham Asylum sounds like just the place.

Alicia asks Klem if she has made up her mind about killing the mortals and she says she has and won’t do it. As a result Alicia decides to be a hero but then Diablo stops her and eventually convinces her to stop being crazy. Though it would had be funnier if he just said his justification for saving her was to save those titties but got to go all super serious here instead. All of this stuff though feels like it should had been done in an episode by itself rather than the last 5 minutes of the final one though as this really feels like a late point to bring up all this stuff.

 So why couldn’t we see things from Diablo’s eye’s?

After using up more of his magic to deal with the Alicia thing everyone sees he needs to have his mp restored. As a result everyone starts to get undressed resulting in him passing out.

Everyone goes back to normal life with Alicia leaving on her own.

Shera and Rem tell Diablo they were jealous when they saw him kiss Klem in front of them before. As a result they want him to do the same thing with them and to use this as a chance for him pick who he likes more. Diablo is unable to decide and looks for an excuse to avoid having to pick one as they both continue off to someplace and the show ends.



Webm Album.



They at least managed to put some service in this last episode at the end so we didn’t end with an episode similar to last week. Who knows what to expect if anything on BD but I kind of get the feeling this will remain a non nude show. Would like to be wrong but the overall feel of the show felt like it doesn’t want to go the nude path. That is certainly an odd choice though when you consider some of the scenes in the show and the fact that they are officially selling a shirt like this which does have transparent clothes showing Shera’s nipples so nudity shouldn’t be out of the question but who knows sometimes companies are odd that way.

Overall though the show did manage to be entertaining and provide service even if it ends up not going for any nudity. What I would really like to see happen would be an anime original ova that does feature nudity of all the characters. Maybe just create a hotspring ova or something and throw all the characters including the background ones like those dog girls at the guild and such into it and make everyone nude. There is certainly enough content to create a second season though and even a third but I guess we will have to wait and see how the show does before they give any kind of announcement about it.

If there is one problem I had with the show though it was something that maybe others can ignore but for me it made actually caring about the characters difficult as I felt like it might be pointless since it was never established that everything was real. The entire plot of Diablo being sent into another world as his character from a game was never really explored and was pretty much dropped early on. Maybe you are not meant to think about it but I have had a nagging concern about the entire plot due to the fact that certain things are never explained or established. Maybe it gets explained later on in the LNs I don’t know but if that is the case it should had been explained in the show as well since when it comes to stories like this I am left wondering if it is all a dream. Maybe it’s something that only applies to me but the whole “sent to another world” thing always instantly has me thinking it’s all fake until proven otherwise. Just can’t shake the wizard of oz possibility happening with these types of series. Think about it.  On the first episode it is shown that Diablo is a neet that stays inside playing an online game all day and has bad social skills to the point that he even targets couples in the game. He then goes to sleep and wakes up in another world as the character he plays in a game all the time and in a world similar to the game world. Then through his time in this world he starts to improve as a person and this fact comes full circle at the end during his speech with Alicia.

I would hope I am wrong and they wouldn’t do something so cliched but the show never convinced me of this whole thing not being a coma induced dream. He plays an online game all the time and we in real life always hear stories of people dying and other things by playing games too much which could apply here. The chances of the entire plot in reality being Diablo falling into a coma due to malnutrition by playing a game all the time and then going on an adventure in his head while in the hospital using the last thing he saw before passing out (his character and the game) as the foundation for his dreams is a possibility. Hell I could see the ending being him finding a way to go home and having a sad farewell with everyone only to wake up in a hospital with the staff all looking like people he met in the world and he leaves the hospital a new better person due to his head adventures and then crashes into two girls outside that look like Shera and Rem. Like I said I really hope this series doesn’t do something that stupid but this possibility was always with me when watching it as the show never took an effort to really establish if everything is real or not. 

In the end I do hope we get a second season at least since I did like the whole videogame atmosphere the show had and having a fairly lighthearted main character instead of some super ultra serious one. The fact that we had an overpowered main character felt like it helped as well since it went along with the videogame feeling the show had fairly well since being overpowered is actually something a lot of people experience when playing rpgs and they grind a huge amount so it in a way ends up being relateable. There is already a mobile game and an alarm app and various other things so they certainly are going heavy on merchandise so perhaps the hope for a season 2 is already there and they just need the sales to justify it. We also get some more interesting service later on that goes further than what we have seen so that would be a plus as well for a season 2. Perhaps even if they don’t go the nude route on BDs here maybe that will change in season 2 depending on the audience they decide on going for fully. The first BD includes an event ticket for an event in January so perhaps we will hear more about a possible season 2 or ova then.

I wonder how many videogame jokes I made through all of these. I think I made at least one in most of the episodes because of the videogameness of this show. Side note I probably should create a videogame category for the site at some point. Not so much for this show but I have covered a lot of videogame related things and we have senran and conception coming up. Considering videogames have always been my main thing with anime being second I guess it makes sense that it is stuff like this that I end up covering. Wonder how many in the comments will complain about the number of pics even though I kept a lot of them as service primarily since the last 10 minutes had everyone in their underwear. Regardless my posts on full length shows from this point on will end up being much more smaller. Doing these 24 minute shows the way I normally do things is too tiring. Still won’t stop people from complaining though probably.