Sweet Sister manga fanservice compilation


One nice little manga that I could only find in the magazine scans was called Sweet Sister.  I’ve only been able to find it up to chapter 8, though it seems chapter 8 might have been its ending.  Good art, big boobs, lots to like.

Every chapter is basically 20 pages of tease followed by 1-10 pages of payoff.  Almost every single panel has fanservice, this post just covers the highlights.  You can see the full (non-translated) version here.

This series is published in Champion RED Ichigo, a magazine that specializes in over the top nude ecchi manga series.  Among the works they’ve publicized:  Aki Sora, Rescue Me!, Kagaku na Yatsura, Kuro Kuro Black Chronicle, and so on.

Anyway, here’s the collection of all the nipple sightings with other fanservice highlights thrown in:


Sweet Sister  (8 chapters… complete?)



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