Furan gets catfished in Maken-Ki! Two episode nine


Another blah episode, but not without a few cheap laughs.

Class President Kuran mistakes Azuki for a chivalrous man and falls in love.  For reasons that make no sense whatsoever, Kuran’s friends plead Azuki to continue the charade.  And she does, in what is a mostly dull episode centered around this fake love life.  It does however, lead to a mildly amusing nightmare scene where Kuran and Azuki have sex, conceive a baby, and deliver it in the span of maybe 30 seconds.

Azuki decides she’s had enough and breaks from the plan, with events conspiring for her identity to become known after she’s stripped topless by a band of thugs who randomly show up.

Definitely an awkward episode, but one that will likely deliver on blu-ray.

The nightmare morning after / sex scene:

maken-ki-two-09-01 maken-ki-two-09-02 maken-ki-two-09-03

Some slight redraw potential here.

maken-ki-two-09-04 maken-ki-two-09-05

Obvious screen cropping here.  Really looking foward to that second image on blu-ray.

maken-ki-two-09-07 maken-ki-two-09-08 maken-ki-two-09-09 maken-ki-two-09-10 maken-ki-two-09-11 maken-ki-two-09-12maken-ki-two-09-13

I doubt they’d domineer the plot to ensure Azuki’s topless status without redrawing for nipples on blu-ray here.

Next week brings us the final episode.  And the week after that the first blu-ray!