Swing Out Sisters Hental Review Part 2 – Chinatsu Scenes

Deep bonding with Onee-chan 2

In case you missed part 1, I explain it wasn’t feasible to do a comprehensive review of SOS in one post. So splitting it into three sections was the best available option to fully cover the extensive missing chromosome baby making in this hentai. Part 1 only Chiyo, Part 2 only Chinatsu, and Part 3 both sisters at the same time.

Whereas Chiyo is sweet and nurturing. Chinatsu is hyper-aggressive and sadistic. So it makes for a different type of experience entirely from Chiyo. Better/Worse depends on your preferences.

I used jpg images for display in order to reduce loading speeds – around 150 images, 25 webms in the review. If you want to see any screenshot in original quality, such as Chinatsu looking sassy above, then you must click the image to open the link page. You may also use a tool to view all images in a single tab such as the chrome extension img2tab.

As you can see there is censorship of genitalia. No entirely uncensored version exists as far as I know. The censorship appears to get more aggressive as the episode progresses.

Chinatsu is quite the freak, as you can tell.

The best shot in this review imo. Love how creative SOS gets in capturing the sex scenes from different angels.

if it weren’t for the overly-aggressive dick censorship, this would be my favorite gif. The smirk on her face combined with the motion of her hips in a perfect loop sells it.

Not only does Chiyo not give a fuck that her siblings are fucking each other, she invites a threesome. Such will be captured in a third and final review in a later date.

I have forgotten why Chiyo and Chinatsu wear wedding dresses in the final scene. But it probably doesn’t matter. Sex happened and it was cool. The animation takes a noticeable dip in quality in this final section, however.

I’m more of a giant oppai kind of guy. So Chinatsu’s scenes didn’t excite me so much as Chiyo’s. But both are hot for their own reasons and two is always better than one, so no complaints here. As aforementioned, next review is both girls at the same time. Includes some yuri.

SOS isn’t my absolute favorite hentai insofar as fap material – the censorship is of a demerit, and the sex scenes never get much better after the first one. But it is probably the one I’m most comfortable sharing media for, save for the yuri Sono Hanabira a few months back. Doesn’t have any violence, generally light hearted tone, no super controversial tags like mind break or rape, it has juuuust enough taboo to amp the erotica while not making me question life choices. And the censorship makes it so I’m not taking screenshots of dicks. Just fuzzy pixelated dicks that I can pretend are just medium sized tree branches being inserted into a vagina. I’ve not reached the level of degeneracy that I’m comfortable making media for point of no return hentai such as Oni Chichi and Boku to Misaki Sensei. But enough time on this site and that day may be approaching sooner than I think.

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Here is the preview image collage, in case you wanted it

I don’t think I made a collage for Chiyo. So best girl doesn’t feel left out –