Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 6


Water gun fights and stripping clothes.


This episode went back a bit and covered a small bit of the beginning of the previous chapter which was a part it skipped last week but then the remainder of the episode is chapter 6.


The episode picks up from the ending of the previous one. Though they moved the scene from the beginning of chapter 5 to here instead. On the plus side we now get to see what she was wearing at the end of the previous episode now. Sonoa wakes up after hearing all the noise from the previous episode and decides she doesn’t want to live there anymore. Yoriko points out that she signed a contract yesterday which she obviously doesn’t remember since she was drunk when she came back from the bar with Yuu in the previous episode. Sonoa realizes she has no choice but to stay there and Yuu tells everyone to have a party.

Yuu takes everyone outside and announces that they are going to have a water gun fight as the party (obviously she must had just read my post on the final 7virtues watergun fight episode from the other week or everyone was playing peach beach splash like the virtues were doing). The rules for the fight are making sure your bra doesn’t get exposed with the prize being ice cream and control of the pool back home. Konomi and Iori then decide they have to win so that they can get Hanabi in the pool and ice cream.

The game begins and eventually Hanabi gets grabbed by Konomi whom tells her she will make sure she doesn’t lose and runs off to take care of the others.

Konomi finds Yuu and Sonoa getting ready to shoot Yoriko and decides to attack to save her. When Sonoa starts to shoot back Yoriko jumps to shield Konomi and gets taken out as Konomi resumes fighting Sonoa herself.

As Konomi gets ready to finish Sonoa off Yuu jumps in but instead of saving her she removes her bra so that it wouldn’t be exposed when she gets shot by Konomi. This scene is important because not only do we see water droplets being used as censorship but in the manga version of the scene you do get to see nipples.

The fact that they took time to censor it rather than leave it blank should hopefully be a good sign for the BD.


While Hanabi is hiding she is found by Iori whom tells her that she isn’t going to shoot her for the time being and takes her somewhere. Meanwhile Yuu is searching for Konomi only for her to jump out of the bushes and shoots at her. Yuu then realizes that Konomi is wearing a school swimsuit meaning she wouldn’t be embarrassed about being shot which means she can fight better as a result. Since the rules are simply exposing a bra Konomi makes Yuu’s dress fly up to show her bra and take her out. I’m just going to assume everyone was playing Akiba’s Trip before this which would explain everyone removing the other person’s clothes as a means of fighting.

With only Iori left on the other team Konomi gets ready to find her only to be shot in the back of the head by Iori and taken out of the game. Iori then tells Hanabi whom she had captured that she only said she wouldn’t shoot her at that time not that she never would shoot her and proceeds to shoot Hanabi eliminating her as well.

Iori wins the game as a result and gets the prize for herself instead of sharing despite the game being a team battle and the episode ends.



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The most important thing about this episode was that they kept the scene intact from the manga in which nipples are obviously shown. The tv version of course censored them but since they took the effort to include the scene we can hope this means that they will indeed remove the water censorship on BD showing them. Kind of wish they would had altered the episode a bit to do the same thing for other characters as well. We are now half way done and have gotten through about one volume and a half so I guess we can assume if they keep at the rate they are going we will get through the first 3 volumes.

They could had all had a lesbian orgy contest instead if they really wanted to do a game of some sort. You know just saying. Kind of weird how this episode had watergun fights and clothes stripping which have all been elements of previous posts I have done. I think someone might be stalking me. Speaking of odd coincidences I probably will be the one doing posts for the Conception anime when that happens and if you have played Akiba’s Trip 2 you know there were posters and the opening playing in the game of Conception 2. Now consider I use the main character from Akiba’s Trip 2 as my avatar and things get even more odd.