25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 11



Does anyone even care?


I think it has been two months now since the last 25sai post. The issue was that the person the only person doing subs disappeared when only two episodes were left. After weeks past no one knew what was going on and I personally just wanted to be done with this show but using the raws alone wasn’t an option due to the fact that clean raws were not available only watermarked ones. So I was left hoping the subbed version which could have the subs turned off would still appear. Time passes and still nothing.

Eventually though just recently another group decided to finish it but the problem is those subs still had the same watermark on them that the raws did. So as a result you will see a small shitty watermark that was on the video file. I was able to avoid this for screen shots since there actually is a Chinese version without the watermark so finding a clean single frame was easy but since those were hard subbed making a webm out of scenes of that would end up resulting in large pink font subs in the middle of the screen so I had to use the watermarked file for that. Long story short fuck this show and the frustration involved in doing posts of it so let’s just get it over with. No one even cares anymore at this point.

So I’m going to interrupt things here after only the first pic to point out something of interest since we are near the end. I believe I briefly mentioned this in a previous episode but didn’t really focus on it but I noticed the brightness of the show seemed to not apply to the censored version when I looked at it. I never really bothered to look more closely though so never really thought about it. Since I was initially going to take screenshots of the censored version to use for all the non r18 stuff in order to avoid having pics with that shitty watermark on it prior to me finding the non watermarked Chinese version I really got to look at the episode close up.

As you can see those are the same screenshot and even the same frame but for some reason the r18 version is brighter. At first when I noticed it many weeks ago I thought maybe the person ripping the episode was screwing it up because the idea that any stupid fuck at the studio thought this brightness was a good idea was unbelievable. However as we have now seen that brightness still applies even when different groups rip the episodes so this isn’t user error but yes the studio truly did make the r18 version brighter for some reason.

Continueing from the previous episode Hana has left the study session with Kanie and that other guy saying she has something to do. Kanie chases after and tells her he knows she doesn’t have plans and asks why she is leaving. He then starts to accuse her of leaving because she must had wanted to spend time with that other guy alone but can’t since he is there with her and then questions why she didn’t turn down that guy’s study offer when he first asked her. She tells him that isn’t it and the only reason she accepted the other guy’s request was because he has already started to get suspicious and she didn’t want to take anymore risks at him discovering her secret of not being her cousin. She then starts to leave and tells Kanie this doesn’t concern him with what she needs to do and leaves till Kanie grabs her and takes her to his car.

After taking her to his car they discuss their issues and problems and brainstorm solutions and come to a mutual understanding of each others flaws and desires and accept one another for who they are and after clearing these hurdles they improve their relationship for the better. Just kidding he rapes her. In the non r18 version you get this image next..

While in the r18 version you get the following..

The r18 content ends here and both episodes join up at this point.

Kanie sees Hana crying and is shocked because apparently in japan they don’t teach you rape is bad I guess. He then starts to regret what he did but fortunately for him he doesn’t have to worry about going to prison since apparently no one thought to call the police after seeing what appears to be a teenage schoolgirl getting raped by a teacher in a car in the parking lot of the school. Then again perhaps that is such a common sight in japan that none would give it a second thought. Or maybe no one could see it happening because of how fucking bright everything is. How is this show not just about accidents happening every two seconds because everyone can’t see as a result of the blinding light all around them.

The next day at school Kanie sees that Hana didn’t come to school that day. He isn’t surprised though so he at least has learned some self awareness that raping someone doesn’t get them to come back in relationships. Guess it is true that teachers learn more from their students than the other way around.

My.Fucking.Eyes. Seriously this has got to be the most viewer interactive anime I have ever watched that really makes you feel a part of the show. How? I just saw someone raped against their will and I now feel their pain as my eyes were violently raped as this show jammed it’s super bright dick in my eye sockets and skull fucked me.

Hana goes to her aunt’s house to ask about her cousin. Presumably she is going to demand her aunt pay her more money to keep up this ordeal since she was never told constantly getting raped by her teacher was part of the deal. Maybe this show would be better if I just pretend it is the handbanana episode of athf with all the rape. In reality she is just going to her aunt’s house to try and see if her cousin will go back to school yet since Hana has started to have doubts about doing this whole thing and wants to get on with her life instead of pretending to be a highschooler.


Hana sees her phone is filled with messages from Kanie whom has been spamming her all day. Clearly the thing you want to do after raping someone is spam them with text messages telling them you want to see them again. Guess the “Sorry I raped you” hallmark forgiveness cards were sold out all across japan.

When she arrives home she sees Kanie waiting there outside presumably to ask her if she wants to go on another trip in his rapemobile. I would assume most women would turn and run in the other direction screaming if they saw the man that raped them yesterday standing outside their house. Unfortunately for Hana we already saw she can’t run for shit in the sports training episode so I guess she doesn’t even bother. Her and Kanie see each other and the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Only one more episode left. Fortunately the final episode is already subbed so I can start work on that without having to wait an insane amount of time for the next. The downside is that it too has a watermark on it.¬†Bullshit frankly because there is no excuse for watermarking the entire episode. Putting something like that on a video you personally ripped is fine if it is only on the title screen and credits which no one cares about but not the whole file. Do you seriously think someone is going to go through the effort of splicing out the title screen and credits just to stop you from getting credit? Regardless most people probably don’t even care about the show at this point so I guess it’s not too big of a deal. Wouldn’t be surprised if many just read these instead of run the risks of the eye rape of watching it for real. This was certainly the worst of all the r18 shows so far. Assuming you don’t count the one airing now but I haven’t even bothered to watch that since I’m not doing posts on that.

This show taking so long to finish it is like some kind of endless torture. The world knew I was bored of the show already so they decided to just drag it out as long as possible to torment me. As someone whom hates having things unfinished in the back of my mind this thing taking so long just to get the necessary stuff to finish was a massive pain. But it will be done soon and I will be free. I’ll save my thoughts on the future of r18 shows and me covering them for next week.