Youjitsu (Classroom of the Elite) TV Fanservice Review Episode 8:

It’s summer break for elite oppai!! (^^)v

First of all, thanks to ScissorMeTimbers for making the media!

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile. (^^)/ Are you guys missing the fanservice of elite oppai?  This episode begins with the hot teacher discussing with the male mc while watching an opera.

The male mc was told that he will be expelled from this school unless he’s willing to help the whole class to reach Class A. The male mc doesn’t want anybody to disturb his simple life and so he’s willing to help out.

This time all the first year students are on a luxurious cruise ship and they’re allowed to enjoy everything there for free!! Wow, I really hoped that there’s such a school in real life. XD

Whatever, that’s not important. It’s more important to enjoy the fanservice. (^^)

And of course, there’s fanservice for girls too. Those muscles and abs are too inappropriate for a student though. It is nice to look but they’re more suitable for a body builder. (>.<)

In the meantime, Suzune is approached by the class C leader Ryuen about the security camera incident.

Ibuki, another student from Class C approached Ryuen to confront him regarding some other matter. However, she was violently debuffed by Ryuen’s bodyguard, Albert. And speaking of this, why does it have to be a black guy??

Later, Sakura calls the male mc out and planned to ask him out for a date. However, she changed her mind after meeting him.

When Kikyou sees them together, Sakura gets embarrassed and left. The male mc tried to leave too, but Kikyou stopped him with her darker side personality. She then switches back to her cheerful personality and confesses that she feels lonely when left alone.

I don’t know whether the male mc had a good sleep or not, but i noticed that his eyes are opened before the alarm rang on the next day. XD

All student are gathered and informed that they are required to take a survival test on a deserted island for a week.

The students all seems fired up as they’re all aiming to reach Class A by performing well in the survival test.

I’ll be leaving my opinions about this anime at the last episode of fanservice review. (^^)v So, stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review and thanks for reading everyone!!(^^)/

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