Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 TV Fanservice Review Episode 15 & 16

Get ready for some eccentric ideas for food again!! (^^)/

Episode 3:

The episode starts with introducing some of the elite 10 that will be appearing later too.

And now, Yukihira and his friends arrived at the second stage of the advancement exams. This time, they are task with making noodles but the test are designed for all the rebelling students to go last so that they don’t have enough ingredients to complete their dish.

However, with the voluptuous lessons from Erina Nakiri, the rebel group managed to survive by using  leftover potatoes to make gosetsu udon.

I suppose it taste very good like usual as there some clothes ripping again. Sadly, the panel is not a girl. (T^T)

Eventually, all of them passed the second stage.

Aside from this, this reminds me of a character from the Fate series. But this series have better boobs compared to Fate. XD

Episode 4: 

In the next stage of advancement exams, Yukihira will be facing Akira again who is now a new member of the elite 10!!

Well, this is not a show for kungfu fighting. No need for so much of posing. XD At the same time, Dojima arrives as a judge announcing that the theme ingredient will be bear meat.

When Yukihira learns that bear meat  is more difficult to cook than other meats due to it’s strong smell and gamey taste which gives Akira the advantage, Kuga then arrives and assists Yukihira by providing him a number of spices to try out.

After that, Yukihira decided to heads out to learn more about bears so that he can counter the smell and taste of the bear meat.

Kuga also tells how did Akira became a new member of elite 10 by defeating some of the seconds years with ease. XD Dude, why do you put your hand on top of the fire?? Just what are you cooking??

This is too exaggerating, he just won by making all his opponents fainted!! XD I’m curious what did he put into his dish to make them become like this!!

Yukihira figures out that he can use schisandra berries to counter the smell of the bear meat which he learnt from Hisako.

Lastly, it was an onsen fanservice from Rindo senpai~ I think she looking forward for the match too. XD

Thanks for reading everyone, stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review. Hopefully there will be more fansevice in the coming episodes. (^^)v