Dragon’s Crown manga fanservice compilation


Based on the videogame of the same name.



Since the english ps4 release of Dragon’s Crown Pro is happening tomorrow that makes now probably the best time to do a compilation of the manga. Published back in 2013 in Comptiq and written and drawn by Yuztan. The other manga they are probably most known for though is the Valkyrie Drive Mermaid’s manga adaption from a few years ago. More importantly the majority of their work you probably know from their other name Zunta which is used usually for their hentai works. The most recent thing they did using that name though was the 7virtues twitter artwork that would be posted regularly multiple times a week when the show was airing.

As for the comp itself it was actually hard to figure out what should or shouldn’t be included at times since really anytime the Sorceress or Amazon are on screen could count as service (Breasts for Sorceress ass for Amazon). The obvious service ones were easy but the rest I had to decide if it was a large or decent enough scene to include when they would be doing things like just standing around since otherwise I would had ended up including almost the entire manga otherwise. But I was able to find I think the right distinction between the images in the manga that would be servicey enough for people while others are just too small or not worth keeping in. The manga itself is non nude unfortunately which is a shame as having nudity in it would had been nice since Dragon’s Crown is one of those games in which seeing the characters naked is probably what most would had wanted to see in manga form.

But worry not despite this being non nude there is something super super interesting that many probably don’t realize. As I said the artist yuztan goes by the name zunta when doing other works and guess what he did prior to being hired to do the manga. In 2011 he released a Dragon’s Crown hentai doujin years before doing the manga and also years before the game even came out as well so it was one of those make hentai before the game/show is even out thing. So in short someone that made porn of the characters would later be hired to be the official manga artist. So in a roundabout way you could almost say there is semi official porn of the characters because of that. Sure it was done years before and not endorsed but since that same artist doing the same art that did the porn of the same characters would do the official manga with those characters and same art and that being the official manga and thus is endorsed that makes for some interesting and awesome end results. Wish this would happen with more games. More companies need to make it a habit of having manga for their games made by people whom did doujin of those characters previously.

As for the Dragon’s Crown manga it is actually a pretty faithful adaption of the game for the most part with anyone having played the game easily recognizing all the locations, bosses, events, and characters that appear. Even things like the killer white rabbit monty python reference boss is still in the manga. Naturally the manga makes the playable characters actual characters for story purposes while the game itself just had all player characters essentially be silent npcs. The story seems to follow closely the story in the game as well though with some changes for the purpose of making things more interesting such as having some npc story characters like Morgan have a more noticeable role than the game. Even the dark elf from one of the unlockable artworks from completing a quest appears in the manga as a character. Overall the main story of find the legendary Dragon’s Crown before it gets into the hands of the wrong people is still the main plot point but with the playable characters being actual characters with personalities compared to the game’s silent ones.


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Dragon’s Crown Artwork.

So I decided to include a few other things as well. This will be some of the service artwork from the artbook and other locations be it merchandise or other official stuff. Some of this art you may actually see on multiple different types of merchandise since that is usually the case so even if you see a tapestry with certain art chances are there are other things such as posters, clear files, etc with the same. Also included some retail bonuses from buying the game at specific places as well as some other official things thrown in that came from various things be it promotional stuff or character art.



Dragon’s Crown CG

Anyone that has played the game knows that it has really well drawn art. Along with the standard fantasy stuff and monster artwork and other things are also a good amount of service cg as well (primarily unlocked by completing quests or beating the game with a certain character). So I decided to include the ones that give some kind of service as well. Naturally there is more art than this in the game but the purpose of this I will only have the fanservice types.



Moving CG

During the course of the game you will sometimes come across images that will move. Not a whole lot mind you but I figured I would include those as well as some stuff from the opening as well.




So there is no real reason but might as well include a few from the game that had some breast and ass service. There are much more than this in the game so I couldn’t include every fanservice sprite in action in the game. Not only would it be a large number but I don’t think rips of all of them have ever been done so I just collected a few service like ones from around the internet to show. Playing the game itself would let you see more.



Included a lot of stuff in this post besides the manga but might as well since I usually go all out when it comes to manga posts based on games like the Corpse Party and Akiba’s Trip comps I did previously. Hopefully more games in the future have manga or anime adaptions filled with fanservice as well so I can do more posts like these.


Hilarious how pussies were triggered by the game and in the end their constant bitching only resulted in the game being a massive high seller not just in japan but here in the US as well. Atlus should had full troll mode and used that to their marketing advantage and used it as a selling point for the remaster version. These people can cry about fanservice all they want as it only makes us stronger and gets us even more sales resulting in even more service. Truly poetic that complaining about stuff backfires on prudes all the time.