High School DxD Hero Fanservice Review Episode 05

Issei and company take a surprising loss this episode, as do thirsty viewers.

So, for the first time in a long time (maybe ever?), High School DxD goes an entire episode without a nipple sighting (not counting eye-catches).  It’s not THAT big of a deal since you know things will rebound.  Still, it’s kind of annoying seeing missed opportunities, which just isn’t something we’re used to seeing in DxD.

Anyway, Issei quickly defeats the shadow user from the previous episode thanks to some foxfire help from Kunou.  He quickly meets up with the rest of the good guys and confronts Cao Cao and his posse.


There’s a little bit of jiggle, but not much service to speak of.


Eyecatch.  The G-Taste style pose is nice.


We get a changing scene from the girls.  Both Akeno and Koneko remove their tops, yet the screen frustratingly cuts off so as to not show nipples.  It’s particularly frustrating in the case of Akeno, as they are barely just off-screen.  There’s some Koneko ass, which is nice, but it’s a super long distance shot so it feels mostly wasted.


After Issei and his compatriots are surprisingly defeated in battle, he’s visited by a vision of Elsha who reminds him that he is the Booby Dragon.  Elsha continuously sends cryptic messages to Issei that he needs boobs to be saved.  And Elsha’s boobs are the only boobs around… could it be…

Nope, false alarm.  She instead evokes a summon spell from Issei, where he summons “the boobs that are just for him.”  Rias.


End of episode.


No webms this week.


Overall thoughts:


This episode was a bummer service wise, but still solid in terms of entertainment value. The characters break up to fight in small groups the way popular shonen series tend to do.  Despite appearing stronger than ever (particularly Xenovia) the good guys still lose easily to the baddies, prompting Elsha to intervene.

Not that the battles in this series are great or even good, but they are watchable and go by quickly enough.  A show like Bleach or Naruto would have strung this battle out to 30 episodes, but DxD finishes it in just one, allowing the series to hopefully get back to service next week.

Most importantly, we see Issei’s new power unveiled.  It’s actually two powers.  The first summons these weird shadow molester zombies and the second allows him to summon Rias.  Kind of underwhelming really, but if it lets the plot move past this battle quickly next week, then it’s all good.