Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 7


Confession under the stars time.


For some reason they decided to skip ahead a huge amount of the manga between the previous episode and now. Maybe they just are reordering the chapters and will go back to the others later who knows but this episode actually skips almost all the way to the end of volume 3 which is chapter 10.


It is Konomi’s birthday and she asks Hanabi for a favor but before she can tell her the others get back with the food and start the party. After Sonoa gets drunk she and Yuu leave while Yoriko and Iori go to get the birthday cake ready.

After everyone else is busy Hanabi and Konomi go outside and she asks what the favor from earlier was. Konomi tells her there is a meteor shower she wants to watch with her and wants them to go see it. Hanabi says it is late at night to be heading into the mountains but ultimately agrees to go with her and they head off.

They head to the observation area alone without telling anyone and Konomi points out this fact so that no one will know where they went. After arriving they head up it.

While watching the meteors Konomi tells Hanabi about how the place is supposed to have special powers dealing with love. Hanabi asks if there is anyone she likes which she doesn’t answer but instead asks Hanabi about Iori. Hanabi tells her she doesn’t think of Iori that way just as they see a shooting star and Konomi tells her to make a wish.

Konomi tells Hanabi how she doesn’t like her being around Iori so much and uses this time to confess and ask Hanabi if she can kiss her.

As Konomi leans closer to kiss Hanabi they suddenly hear a noise which causes them both to jump and kiss each other in the process. They look and see it is a boar as it starts to run up the stairs after them as they turn to escape.

Having no choice they jump down off the tower and run. The scene is of course censored with stars to block out the panties. Here is the manga page for comparison…

Will obviously be removed on BD at least since you can see the same panties drawn underneath the stars.

They run into the public bathrooms to escape the boar only to see it is still coming after them. Konomi then remembers something she was taught as a child about using a bucket if she ever ran into a boar. Remembering this she looks around and finds a bucket of water sitting around (Last time I saw two girls with a one sided yuri relationship needing a bucket to save the other things didn’t turn out so well. Then again Konomi and Hanabi aren’t in a haunted school with a murderous loli so they should be fine)

Rather than splash the water on the boar which was the intended action she was taught to do she thinks she has to hit it instead and smashes it away with the full bucket which results in her getting drenched in the water instead.

They get back and tell everyone about what happened. Meanwhile both Hanabi and Konomi question to themselves if that kiss from earlier really counted as one since it happened by accident because of that boar scaring them and the episode ends.



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The amount of content they skipped with this episode now makes figuring out how much of the manga they are going to cover difficult to pinpoint. There was some nice service in the chapters they skipped as well so it is a shame they went past them. However as we saw before with the previous episode they did go back and cover a small amount of what they had skipped previously at the beginning of the previous episode. So maybe they will do the same thing and go back to some of the chapters they skipped with this episode in the next one. This episode didn’t have a lot of service in it which makes the skipping more annoying since those chapters they skipped had some nicer service than this one did especially if they take some liberties like they have done with a few other scenes in other episodes. So with that said it is hard to tell if the next episode will be the chapters after this one or going back to the others so just have to wait and see. Hopefully they start only focusing on the service heavy chapters if they are going to skip around.

I should see how many videogame references I can fit in posts and people not notice them. Like I wonder how many will notice the corpse party one or will just pass over it thinking I was just being strange? I should had did that with 25sai but that show is so boring even obscure videogame jokes wouldn’t save it. Speaking of which I have to get that last post on it done next so I can finally be free. Also this was my 121st post and now I wish I had did one less so that it could had been 120 instead as that is the number of stars in mario 64 which would had been fitting for this post to be number 120 because of it being about stars.