Tari Tari Posters and Selected Scans

So cute but so serious does not bode well for service…

Time for a change of pace for posters blog posts.  From time to time, we’ll spotlight the posters and select VHR (Very High Resolution) and XHR (eXtremely High Resolution) scans of one and only one anime.

Next up is Tari Tari from Summer 2012.  There are no previous fapservice fanservice reviews, fanservice compilations or news posts.

If the character designs seem familiar, that’s probably because Kanami SEKIGUCHI has been the character designer for other anime like Hanasaku Iroha, Sakura Quest and True Tears with similar character designs.


Very High Resolution Scans

eXtremely High Resolution Scans

Tari Tari did increase the service in posters and scans from the anime but not by a lot.  It tried to be a serious slice-of-life show after all.  Looking back, Tari Tari might be more noteworthy for decent quality nude edits which you can find on yande.re (click on Hidden Posts then rating:e to see the thumbnails) and Sankaku Complex than for any actual fanservice.  Still attractive character designs and good character art though….