Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 6:

The successful imouto fantasy must be celebrated!!

Hi everyone (^o^)/ let’s continue with the fanservice review of Imouto sae Ireba Ii episode 6. Itsuki’s light novel receives manga adaptations while his friend, Haruto’s novel will be aired on anime too!! Everyone was celebrating for their success!!

After learning that the manga artist for Itsuki’s novel is a girl, Nayuta is abit jealous. This manga artist, Kaiko Mikuniyama is also a great fan of imouto fantasy too!! The ribbon on her head is actually PANTSU~ stay tune to learn more about it (-_^)

Chihiro went back to get some drinks for the celebration party.

Meanwhile, Itsuki’s friend Setsuna dropped by to visit Itsuki while he wasn’t at home. On his way back, he came across Chihiro and noticed that she has a nice ass. (^w^)

Chihiro freaked out when Setsuna asked her to show him more of her ass. That’s obviously a sexual harassment!! XD

To prevent Chihiro from escaping, he forcefully took her pants off. XD

And now, it’s the last piece of cloth to see her ass!!


To save her ass from being seen, Chihiro strikes back with her legs. What a kick!! He totally deserves it!! But how did she do that when someone pulled down her pants?

Back to the celebration, everyone was having a fun time there.

It was very late at night after the celebration. Chihiro decided to went back while the others are staying at Itsuki’s place to watch Haruto’s light novel anime. Haruto is abit envious of Itsuki’s “brother”, but his imouto is not bad either. (A loli with a fang XD)

They decided to play a game while waiting for the anime to be aired. Some imagination is required for playing that game. Finally, there’s some fanservice from Miyako again (^_^)

Haruto’s imagination was good, but Nayuta went too far and was saved by Itsuki. Unfortunately, the anime did not turn up well. Everyone was disappointed about it. (ToT)

Unfortunately, this episode ends up with everyone in tears. (TT) It might be a bad day, but life is still good with all the fanservice here~ Stay tune for the upcoming fanservice reviews!! Be sure to wear sunglasses for the next review, the holy light beams might hurt your eyes!!

Lastly, thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v